Self-Assessment (module 9)

Topic: ArtArtists
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Last updated: April 26, 2019
Which of the following does the study of multicultural literature promote?
Greater open-mindedness

Renaissance visual arts strove for ________ representation of the human body.

Which of the following influences has led many to look beyond the culture of Western antiquity to other cultural traditions?

Which of the following works was the subject of a landmark court case about the conflict between artistic freedom of expression and public morality?

Which of the following functions is fulfilled by the drama Angels in America?
Social and political commentary

The ancient Roman imperial military drew on what philosophy to rationalize the hardships of war endured by its soldiers?

The contemporary environmental movement was inspired by which of the following works?

World War I was an impetus for which of the following art movements?

Sung prayers in the early Christian church were known as:

Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung was based on which of the following?
Germanic mythology

Which of the following works was denounced by Islamic fundamentalists as blasphemous?
The Satanic Verses

How was tradition reflected in Renaissance humanities?
Through revival of classical Greek and Roman culture

Which of the following is regarded as the first true novel in Western literature?
Don Quixote

Prehistoric cave paintings primarily reflect what basic human need?
To imitate what we see

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