self defense

Name: Dong Wei ‘d: 8572102456 PEHD 104a Self Defense Final Paper Question One: I have never been attacked in my life. If I will face to that situation, it might happen when I walk on the street. I Just watch a video about a game which name is Knockout in St. Louis, actually, I don’t think it’s a “game”, it’s not funny at all, I think it’s a kind of violence behavior. A group of the boys walked on the street, they Just want do some funny things, so they decided play a knockout game. The “game” is simple: one or more assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim, often with a single ucker punch.

Serious injuries and deaths have been attributed to knockout. I think the future attacks I will face will not be like terrorist attacks or home intruders but from life, and they are unpreventable as I mentioned before. Therefore, what I learnt from the self defense class is not only how to fight with those who want to hurt your when you are ready, but also to always keep alert in daily life as attack is everywhere. Just as what our coach “Carl” has done to us, he would quietly follow us and he beat us on the shoulder, then we would be startled.

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The seemingly “prank” makes me keep alert even in a very safe place, otherwise the Knockout attacks may happen to me and I could not avoid them. Question Two: First of all, I am a Chinese. Injure someone or kill someone is unforgivable In the culture of China. In U. S. law, only those with serious crime (such as killing many people) will be sentenced to death. However, in China, if you deliberately kill one person, you will be sentenced to death, and even hurting others will result in severe penalty. Such law revision is closely connected with the Chinese culture “respect”, so

I will not take the initiative to hurt or kill someone. But there is a situation I might try to do so, and it is that someone attack me first and endanger my life. After all, self-defense class taught us how to protect ourselves from attack and harm. If someone tries to hurt me, and I will make use of what I learnt in self-defense class to fght back, if the person tries to kill me, I will do not hesitate to kill him/her first. I believe that everyone in such a situation would do the same, and it is not contrary to morality.

I did not first attack others or try to attack thers, but when I feel threatened, then I harm or kill him/her which is my self- defense right. There is a law called “excessive defense” in China referring that aggressive defensive measures taken against infringement cause disability or death of the other. Chinese law would adopt lighter punishment or even exempt, which means that the law supports my right to exercise selt-detense. So I would not intentionally hurt others, which is inconsistent with my education and Chinese culture.

However, when I’m in danger, I will not give up the self-protection right, even if it will hurt or even kill him/her. Question Three: I learned how to use the strong parts of my body to control the weak part of others from self-defense class, and it made me understand the characteristics of my body and learn how to use them, and I also learned to keep alert in daily life. I think my strengths are quick reaction and strong observation. During free training, I usually can know his next action even position by his shoulder action or the change his bodys center.

And I will appropriately make use of techniques to get rid of his control, therefore most of time I can get rid of and control him when I’m pressed to he ground. Another of my strengths is that I will never surrender and never be afraid of stronger companion than me. I am very happy to find a strong man to be my companion. Although my strength and weight is less than theirs, I believe that in real life I cannot encounter the same opponents like me and even weaker than me. Those who dare to bully me are stronger than me. Therefore I’m willing to find a strong man to be my companion.

Although many times I will be firmly under control, I never want to give up, because I regard every training as real fighting in life. Though I may still be pressed to the ground, I believe every training is helpful for my growth. I also have weaknesses, for example, my self-defense skills are few. If my opponent is very familiar with me, he will make some adjustments. As I don’t have seriously review the skills and finally forget some tips on how to use them. What’s more, if my companion is a girl, I do not know how to practice with her as usual. In Chinese culture, a man can never hit a woman. I also grew up under this kind of education.

So when my companion was a girl, I cannot attend the training eriously. However, I cannot imagine whether I should fght back or not if my future attacker is a woman. Question four: I think I deserve a score of B. First of all, I cannot reach the score of A because I have a lot of absence of classes, I’m sorry because I’m not a hundred percent serious about this lesson. Second, I have not fully mastered some skills and cant skillfully use them in daily training. But I think I learned something unrelated to fighting skills from the class, that is to say, do not be afraid of your opponent and stay vigilant at any time.

I think it is very important knowledge of self defense which perhaps would be overlooked. I also learned to respect my classmates, my coach, and my training site. For example, at the beginning of the class, I would forget to bow when I enter or leave the stadium, but after my coach reminded me I never forget it. I also learned to be strong. I will hurt for each class, and sometimes my legs would be painful for several days. But slowly I got used to the pain and no longer care much about it. To sum up, I think I deserve the score of B.


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