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SELF IMPROVEMENT (COMM 1) Topic Outline Thesis Statement: There are different ways to improve your self. I.

Physical A. Make the habit of drinking more water. B. Be hygienic. C. Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

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D. Don’t bite your nails. E. Always wear deodorant or antiperspirant. F. Be confident all the time. G.

Always be in proper posture. H. Choose clothes that compliment your body shape. I. Apply attractive perfumes or body sprays, but not too much. II. Mental A. Listen to professionals and experts of this field B.

Bear in mind that failure and handicaps are not hindrances in reaching your goals in life. C. Do things you’re not familiar with. D. Never dwell on things that went wrong.

E. Expect the unexpected. III.

Spiritual A. Practice Solitude B. Meditate C. Study D. Worship E.

Gather F. Rituals IV. Social A.

Listen B. Be interested in others C. Avoid too much babbling. D. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. V.

Emotional A. Accept tensions and worries. B. Recognize and express your anger. C. Learn to bear pain. D.

Learn to accept failures.SELF IMPROVEMENT Self improvement is a self-guided improvement, usually represented by the actions you can take to develop your self, and to enhance your physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional capabilities. “Improvement of one’s condition through one’s own effort” can also be a definition for self improvement. Your subconscious mind plays a major key in self improvement.

You change your habits, behavior and attitudes by changing the contents of it. There are many aspects in self improvement; one is the physical improvement.We humans always care how we look because our physical appearance is a biological force that affects on how we deal with others. Our perception of our own attractiveness also has an effect on how we feel confident about ourselves. One way to improve your physical appearance is to getting into the habit of drinking more water. You need to be hydrated in order to have a fair, glowing skin, healthier hair and healthier body. Another way is to be always mindful of your hygiene. Do you daily routine of tasks in cleaning your body, one example is to shower once daily to avoid body odor.

Getting enough sleep is another way for physical self improvement. Of course, tiredness is not attractive. You have to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Getting rid of biting you nails will also help in your improvement. Biting your nails puts lots of germs inside your mouth, this ruins your health. Also, always wear deodorants or antiperspirants. Deodorant prevents sweat from smelling and antiperspirants stops sweating altogether.

Of course you want to always smell and look fresh, so this is another way for you to look good.Another way for you to look attractive is to feel confident all the time. Don’t be cocky, this really helps.

Always be in proper posture to show confidence. When it comes to clothing, always choose those which compliment the shape of your body. If you don’t know how, you can consult a friend that whom you know is good with clothing. You can also ask for tips and advices. Lastly, occasionally put perfume or body sprays, but be sure not to apply too much of it. 1 to 3 sprays will do.

Smell of perfumes last longer when applied on the back of the neck or on your wrist.Next aspect of self development is the mental improvement. Mental strength or toughness is not something that you have to be born with as this is something that can be developed as you grow. One way to develop your mental strength is to listen to professionals and experts of this field. There are many available biographies and audio programs that will teach you to overcome obstacle and be successful in life. Another way is to always bear in mind that failure and handicaps are not hindrances in reaching your goals in life.By doing this, you develop mental strength by developing more confidence and courage within yourself.

Doing things you are not familiar with is another way of improving your mental strength. This means you could walk a different route or stop watching television for a few days. With this, you will be trained to handle different and difficult situations with calmness. Not dwelling on past bad happenings is also another way of improving mental strength. Always think for the future and never bring back things that went wrong.Always think for what you can do next on move forward on your work. Last thing is to be always ready for the unexpected. You can’t control life and nature, but you can be ready on things it has to offer.

This way, you will have a better approach in life and in whatever you do. The third aspect of self improvement is the spiritual improvement. Although religion provides the most ample form of spiritual growth, this doesn’t mean that everything in spiritual development have to do with religion. One way of improving spiritually is to practice solitude.Lay 15 to 30 minutes a day to contemplate and pray. Faith usually seems to grow best in small, quiet moments. We need to get alone with our faith to always get in touch with our spiritual side.

Another way is to meditate. This is the time to think and focus on a deep and meaningful topic. Try clearing and relaxing your mind and listen for insights that always seem to arise as you make room for your faith. Studying your faith is another way.

Read something or participate in a discussion that will dig you more deeper to your faith.Push the boundaries during your study time of what is commonly accepted about your faith. Another way to develop yourself spiritually is to worship.

Express your devotion. Let go of yourself to experience the joy and love within your faith. Service is another way.

Do something that will help people and will make you sacrifice time, energy and resources. Gathering with other like-minded people is also a way. You can spend this time to learn, worship, serve, or just be together. Rituals are another way of improving yourself spiritually.

Though these are usually thought as an old-fashioned way of expressing belief that we often regret, these are still pathways to greater faith when practiced wisely. The fourth aspect of self development is the social aspect. Do you remember to say please and thank you? These simple words may not seem like a skill in and of themselves, but the ability and the consistent habit of remembering to say please and thank you indicates an understanding and acceptance that society requires a polite response. Here are some ways to develop you social skills.

One way is to listen. It seems like this one is an underrated skill in social interaction. Forget about yourself. In a conversation, focus more on the outward things rather than on the inward things. Another way for improvement is to be interested to other people.

By this, you’ll be a better listener since you want to know what’s on their mind. Another way is not to babble too much. This is somehow related to listening because when you babble too much there will be less time for listening. Lastly, treat others as how you want yourself to be treated by them.The Law of Reciprocity is strong in humans. One of the most important things in conversations is your attitude. It determines how you treat other people.

The fifth and the last aspect of self development is the emotional aspect. Emotional maturity implies controlling your emotions rather than letting your emotions get the better of you. Your emotional maturity depicts your capacity to manage and to check your emotions, to evaluate others’ emotional state and to persuade their judgment and actions.

One way of improving emotional maturity is to start accepting tensions and worries.These things are normal in life so you should know how to welcome and handle them. Don’t avoid these things, work hard over them. Another way is to start recognizing and expressing your anger. Doing otherwise will cause you to be afraid of yourself after a certain point of time. Learning to bear pain is another way. Life is full of uncertainties. Pain is always waiting there for you.

You must learn how to deal with this. You never know what lies ahead for you. Lastly, learn to accept failures. These teach some lessons and will make you better. Always keep a positive approach when dealing with these.Self improvement is a mix of philosophical, psychological and health related knowledge that offers an individual the power to improve his life.

There are truly many ways of self improvement. There is no wrong or right in its field. What works for one person may not work for another. Improvement to one individual may mean being able to eat every day of the week instead of on only 5. To another, it could mean achieving a higher salary; another, rediscovering their spirituality after spending years working flat out to be rich.

What is self improvement to one may actually appear as self decline to another.

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