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Last updated: September 6, 2019

ser onboarding experience is not the same as the actual experience of your product.

But it is necessary to account for the product run before crafting the user onboarding experience. Bear in mind what is it that you are solving, for whom you are solving it, and what value you will bring to them. Align the design and process to the product as much as possible to develop a sense of familiarity but avoid diverting towards glorifying the product at all times.Your product has various value adds and features to enhance the user experience through their interaction.

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But user onboarding is not a part of it. It is much more of an essential before the user fully uses your product. Thus the onboarding experience is built when you build a user experience.

It is not simply about adding few pages or introductory slides. Think of it as an interactive user manual to your product not so much guiding them but instead empowering them. Build the user onboarding experience to stir an emotion in your user that goes “ah I see, now I get”. Answer their initial questions about the product and try not to overwhelm or confuse them with information overload at this stage.

A sound user onboarding experience is never about the product showcasing itself. It does not involve telling users all the cool things about your product. Focus more rather on creating and helping users identify the value of this product in their lives. If they buy the idea, the product has a better chance of being retained.

The key is to catch them quick. You want to get your user to reach the “this is it” moment as soon as possible. When you show value for their time, they are more willing to explore. As a thumb rule keep onboarding experiences short and effective.

Once they are in it and pleased with your onboarding journey tap into their new found curiosity to learn more about the product and even use it. This is the golden hour. They like you, they understand you and when you follow it up with a great user experience they will trust you for good. This momentum if done correctly, can lead to faithful customers with a healthy retention rate. A lot of it vests in the ability of the user onboarding experience that makes the user love the product.TDLR: The user onboarding experience is a quick and effective way to earn the users’ trust and leave a lasting impression.

It involves telling the users exactly what they need to know about the product and using it. Keep the user onboarding experience short, crisp and design it with the user’s initial questions in mind.

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