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Serious case review takes place when a child dies or seriously injured and abuse or neglect is involved.  It also takes place if the abuse is known or suspected or it’s going to take place.  The serious case review identifies harm that could arise in the future and it minimises it. It has been learnt from the series case review that everyone that was connected in Peter’s case was adequate and motivated and wanted to do their very best to safeguard Peter.We know from the serious case review that every member of staff in every agency involved with  Peter was qualified and motivated and wanted to do their best to safeguard him. however, the shocking death of baby Peter has left the everyone questioning services that were involved with Peter.

According to the serious case review, it says that if ”doctors lawyers police officers and the social worker had used challenging approach” to the incident in the first place then it could have been stopped (series case review 2015). ”The children Act 2004 and related Guidance under the Government Every Child Matters”. Suggest that the lives of vulnerable children support parents with social needs,  to address them early and prevent from getting more serious. Every local authority, Child partnership or Trust is required to develop local services,  to an increasingly multidisciplinary team,  using the common assessment framework and a lead professional. After the death of Peter Connolly in August 2007,  the Secretary of State of children school and families,  the commissioner Lord laming’s has provided with an urgent report on progressing on safeguarding children across the country.  the report carries out: ” there now need to be a step change in the agreement to protect children from harm. (DCSF, 2009), p4”  he set a guideline to improve and support the work of all that is involved in safeguarding children. According to the (family Law Week), the government published too serious case review report relating to Peter Connelly.

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 the first serious case review world commissioned in August 2007 by Haringey Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). over the nine months, Peter died suffering from external and internal injuries.  However, after seeing by different professionals our number of times and been on a child protection plan social service never noticed that all the injuries were caused by the mother the mother’s boyfriend and friend which conduct the child to death.Peter was on Haringey’s  child protection register under the category of physical abuse and neglect. the  SCR agencies were involved with Peter and his family.

 In February 2000,  the death of Victoria climb was the most high profile case.  Victoria climbs a had 128 injuries on her body,  these injuries were caused by ” great-aunt Marie Theresa kouau and her boyfriend Carl Manning. ( The Victoria Climbié Inquiry 2003), p13” Victoria climbing got taken into hospital twice But the police and social service did not Come across the abuses until she has died. Bunder decided to come up with an experiment called bobo doll. He wanted to see if the children’s development was from genetic, environmental factors or developing from others from watching and copying.  The Bobo doll experiment was set to see if the child copy what adults do.

His experiment was based on aggressive and non-aggressive actor, that child would imitate and learn the person they know and trust.  We know that children learn from their role model mother, father, brother and sister.  Explorable (2018) Attachment is described as the long-lasting psychological connection with a mother or child Carer. The attachment has a critical effect on development and has been linked to a various aspect of positive functioning,  such as psychological wellbeing.

Bowlby began his journey to attachment theory to research he conducted on the child that are hospitalized.  all these studies have led him to discuss the negative effect of maternal deprivation this is caused by the mother not being there for the child’s first two years of life. Bowlby believed that children have an annotate needs to develop a close relationship with the mother.  when the mother is not there to support the child,  it has negative consequences on development, If You are concerned about an allegation that has made by a child or an adult against an adult works with children or young people Then you need to contact the local authority give and offices.  The LADO will investigate the allegation and concerns that has been made and Provide reports to CYSCB.

 they will also advise and discuss with the senior manager (SMO) on what needs to be done by the employee and if the matters should go to the child social care and the police  (Designated officer LAOD 2018). The Leeds safeguarding children board is a multi-agency that is set up in every local authority. It required under the Children Act 2004.  However Each LSCB  has an independent chair,  that is,  someone who doesn’t work for social service. however the chair will work closely with ”NHS trusts, West Yorkshire Police, National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Company, the Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) (guide), etc. (Leeds safeguarding board 2015)The Leeds Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is responsible for SCR  to be carried out if a child has been neglected abused or died.

From The cases how Local authorities together to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children young people. They also look at What do agencies need to do to inter-agency safeguarding. The Leeds Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) have their own procedures for dealing with abuse in regards to legislation and government guidance.

 this is because the child abuse may be in different area. The Department of Education brought out new guidance for people working along with children ”Working together to safeguard children 2015”. This guidance includes changes such as: how to refer allegation and abuse agencies who working with children, Safeguarding children e-academy (2015).

” what to do if you’re worried about a  child is being abused 20015” this aimes at those who working with ”children and families, social care, health, education including schools, the police and adult service”. Those who are involved working with children need to look out for signs and symptoms of abuse and be alert of any abuse that might take in place by asking questions to children or caregivers. In the working together to safeguard children 2015 guideline it sets out 4 signs to follow if you are worried about a child is being abused. The 4 signs are: Be alert of sign of abuse and neglect.Question behaviours Ask for help Refer to child social care safeguarding in school (2017)Throughout the course, I have learnt a various information about safeguarding children such as: how to recognise abuse or neglect. What to do when you are worried about a child that might be getting abused.

I have also learnt about Baby P and Victoria Columbia on how the social service has failed to save them both from abuse and neglect. I have also learned about child trafficking and modarn slavery in the UK. children and familiese gets tricked by promessing for a better future for their child in another country. When they come to this country they make them work for free or blackmail them to work for free, so  they dont get to live happly but to worry about how they can repay that person.

 When I first started my placement I was shy and did not know what to do or how to approach children to make conversation. I used to wait for the class teachers to tell me to what to do. However, now I am more confident in class and I can take a group of children to teach them. I also have improver on making conversation with the parents in the morning or after school when they come to pick their children up. I sometimes translate for the parents who do not speak English. Keeping children safe in education is a most important aspect of childcare and no childcare setting should be getting wrong. By doing this module safeguarding, now I know how to recognize abuse and neglect that might be happening to the children’s and what to do to safeguard that child.

From doing my placement I know that the school carries out a CRB check, so that person is safe to work with. This shows that any practitioner comes across working with children have to complete a single central record.  This keeps all the information  needed about all the staff. Those of who are working with children need to be aware of the policy and producers because those procedures are there to protect children.

When I started my placement I have to read the ”working together to safeguarding children” booklet and answer some questions about safeguarding children just see what my understanding of keeping children safe in school is and if I am safe to work with children.  I also relised that as a practioner i need to go extra miles to help the children improve on their learning and not settle for just what the teachers have assigned me to do. This will improve my skills and understand as a reflective practioner. This will allow managment to understand that i am trying to improve the quality in care.

However, I also know from my research on psychological theories that the children learn from very early age by imitation and observation. Therefore, it is important that as a Practitioner we model values and attitude to influence their treatment or understanding of others.fethermore , i have come to  a conclusion that by doing this modual i have gained so much kneledge about safeguarding children. now , i know how to reconise abuse in education and i know how to report abuse or neglect that might be happening. I also learnd about the procuders and polices schools have to follow to keep the children safe.

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