Serving the community so that they can excel

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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Serving my community is important to me for a plethora of reasons. It has multiple benefits such as, helping you find your interests, showing colleges what you believe in, defining a possible career path, and boosting self-esteem.

Furthermore, it develops a heart for “giving back” and helping others, it also exposed me to diversity and multiculturalism.My sister and students who struggle with academics inspired me to volunteer. My sister has a learning disability and struggles with reading comprehension, writing, and math. I noticed that my sister benefits from individualized help by re-teaching the content, so will others. Both of my parents are involved in education. Whenever I go to their schools, I get passionate about helping children.

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I enjoy helping many organizations, not just education-related ones. Also, I developed this interest because at a young age I knew that I liked caring for people. I was a School Patrol who helped staff members by guarding the crosswalk, collecting signs, and posting the colors.

Plus, being a Girl Scout for almost 6 years now, I continue to develop a strong sense of positive values and practical life skills. Likewise, I strengthened my relationships by learning these concepts and felt empowered to make a difference in the world.I pursue my passion by volunteering with many different organizations and people.

I have and continue to work with Special Olympics MD, George B Thomas Learning Academy (GBTLA), Montgomery County Muslim Foundation, Girl Scouts, MCPS, etc. One organization that sticks out to me is GBTLA. It is a non-profit organization that serves the students of the community so that they can excel in their academics. The tutoring sessions are held on a weekly basis during Saturday mornings. It focuses on inspiring students to perform better in Language Arts and Math.

 I enjoy helping out here because I like helping out kids, and a lot of kids connect to my experiences. English is not the native language of many of the students who attend GBTLA. English was my second language as well and I took ESOL for 4 years. Many people in our community face linguistic challenges and don’t know how to communicate properly with other community members, in to fulfill their needs. GBTLA gives students an equal opportunity to outperform in English and Math skills, which promotes less bullying.

Throughout high school and adulthood, I will continue volunteering with organizations that promote multiculturalism, positive values, and a sense of helping others. For example, I would become a Girl Scout Troop Leader, because as a Girl Scout, I know that our troop could not function without our Leader. I will also volunteer with MCPS by helping in school libraries and be helping teachers.

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