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Last updated: July 28, 2019

 Setting up a goal is considered to be an important andinevitable step in an effective career search. In my opinion an individual without a predetermined goal will be never successful, because he himself doesn’tknow where he has to take his career. For a successful job search, he or sheshould find out what is their goals or where they want to reach in the careerpath. Finding the goals set the guidelines for tasks and the inspiration toachieve them. When it comes to the real life for planning and working itsreally significant for you to set skilled goals. Because creating theobjectives and directions of yourself is the best way to plan the future foryou.

By knowing which direction each individual has to take in their life forthe coming few years, this will enable them to focus their energy for a morebetter job prospects. These goals have better way of pushing the individualforward and motivating them to be more creative and productive. When you setgoals for yourself you are building a structure that will help the individualto held more accountable.

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So, when you set the goals it has to be S.M.A.R.T It must be 1.

      SPECIFIC: The goals should be stated clearlywith no vagueness in it2.      MEASURABLE: Use numbers to evaluate whether to know you have succeeded in it or not.3.      ACHIEVABLE: Set only the goals that is achievable.4.      REALSITIC: Individual should be realistic abouthow long it will take to reach there?5.

      TIME STAMPED: Individual should set a time limitto achieve the goal.If we look into Why 3% of Harvard MBA Graduates made 10Xmore than their classmates, only reason was that the 3% of all these haveplanned and set forward specified and pre-defined goals, that they shouldachieve in their life. And they were working so hardly to achieving the same.This made them to stand apart and achieve success other than what theirclassmates have achieved.


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