Seven Elements in Dystopian Literature

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Last updated: May 1, 2019
how do the characters demonstrate trust (or lack of trust)?- Assumed? I trust because I’ve always trusted…- Earned? This has shown me I can trust because…

Setting and Natural World
how are the natural world and the man made world viewed?

what is required of citizens to conform to uniform expectations?- going along with current customs, rules, and styles

what information does the society have? How do “they” use it?

Dystopian Protagonist
what aspects or characteristics distinguish the protagonist? – Rebellious: breaks rules, questions power/authority- often feels trapped and is struggling to escape- questions the existing social and political systems of control- believes or feels that something is terribly wrong with the society in which he or she lives in- helps the reader recognize the negative aspects of the dystopian world through his or her perspective

how did this society come about?

who is in control and how do “they” assert their control?

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