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Several miles south of Paulden, off Highway 89, is a circle goad stamped “Old Hwy. 89.” This appropriately named extension of the previous roadway, in the end, crosses a scaffold where some old vestiges can be seen.

The typical bystander regularly ponders what these structures were for and when were they developed? West of the street, one can see a bigger building and a few little ones, all made of stone. Likewise, promptly west of the street’s extension is a dam framing Sullivan Lake.  Sullivan Lake dam today. The two are interrelated, they were constructed in the same age. They were, truth be told, a failed venture by the WPA amid the last period of the Great Depression. The task was intended to be a hunting and fishing region for the Prescott Sportsmen Club.

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The bigger building was to be the clubhouse, while the little stone buildings were intended to be lasting duck blinds. The thought was brought forth amid the mid-1930’s by the Sportsmen Club, which convinced the City of Prescott to buy 160 acres of land at the headwaters of the Verde River, right where it begins a limited gorge. A dam was to be worked there to shape a lake which would be loaded with fish. The lake would likewise give a living space to ducks. The clubhouse was arranged near the lake and numerous trees were planted along the lakeside.

Be that as it may, before the clubhouse could be finished, the assault on Pearl Harbor happened, and all WPA ventures were ended as Americans left to go to war. Finishing of the site would need to pause. Obviously, it wasn’t in the financial plan of the city or the Sportsmen Club to dig the lake every two years, so the arrangement was completely halted. There used to be the discussion of digging the lake to make a fishing and picnicking spot, however, it was discovered that the heaviness of the residue has broken the dam.

From this unobtrusive starting sets out the river that cut out the Verde Valley! The dam amid the surge on the 20th day of February, 1993. Additionally, specifically toward the east is the old railroad connect that used to race to Cinder Fork. In spite of the fact that the potential tourist attractions of the hunting and fishing club never materialized, maybe the region would do well to erect a chronicled marker at this area disclosing its significance to the inquisitive bystander.

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