Several task but which methodology will be chosen

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Last updated: August 27, 2019

Several methodologies are available to solve a specifiedtask but which methodology will be chosen depends on its effectiveness andproficiency it resolves the problem hence; intelligent solutions are givenpreference.

Conventional ComputingConventional computing is a traditional approach that dealswith designing an algorithm for solving complex real-world problems. In thistype of approach, data is fed to the machine and the programmer states exactlyhow to perform the given task. It follows a logical series of steps to reachthe conclusion.

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Conventional computers are also called von Neumann computersand the major components include: memory, bandwidth, and processing. Environmentalfactors are not taken into consideration i.e.

, the problem will be solved accordingto the predefined solution whatever may be the situation.In this case, only one problem can be solved at a giventime. Conventional computing doesn’t observe or adapt based on the situationsand is incapable of making the decisions on its own. It doesn’t guaranteerational thinking.

Intelligent ComputingIntelligent computing is a modern approach that involveslearning and understanding the problem, and then solve the specified taskaccordingly. Environmental aspects are considered. Here, the machine observesand understands the problem, learns from the situation and then accomplish thespecified task. It uses techniques of search and pattern matching. In thiscase, programmers design the AI software to give the machine only the problemand not the steps or instructions to accomplish the task.Here a wide range of problems can be solved at a given timein given domain. Intelligent computing learns, observes and understands theproblem. It has the ability to stimulate the human behavior and apply cognitivethinking.

e.g., for tic-tac-toe game, in case of conventionalcomputing, programmer predefines the steps and applies brute force approachthat checks all the possible conditions whereas if we apply intelligent computing,it will take the opponent’s actions into consideration and will then take thedecision accordingly.    

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