Shadow out that Mr. Wednesday was a con-artist.

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Shadow Moon, a man that at the time was a locked-up convict, just happened to be let out of jail on the following day of his wife and best friend dying in a car accident. The moment he is told about the death of his good friend and wife.

He was informed that he would be able to leave the jail early to see to his wife’s affairs. Throughout a bunch of different situations, he ends up sitting on a plane near a man that knows a lot about him.  He is known as Mr. Wednesday.

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Mr. Wednesday offered Shadow an opportunity to work for him.  Shadow says no to Mr. Wednesday several times, but he wouldn’t stop bringing it up.

 When he went home, he stopped at Jack’s Crocodile Bar and Restaurant. Mr. Wednesday came back, relentless as he could be. Shadow then agreed to his offer to him in a coin toss. They sealed the deal by giving Shadow three glasses of Mead to drink. When Shadow started his job alongside Wednesday, he found out that Mr.

Wednesday was a con-artist. The first night during his employment of Mr. Wednesday, he was given a magical coin from someone that claimed they were a Leprechaun with the name Mad Sweeney. Shadow loves coin tricks and was surprised with the leprechauns being able to take a coin from thin air. The leprechaun says that he’s getting the coins from the Sun’s horde, and teaches Shadow the trick.  He gave a gold coin to shadow.

When things start to become strange for Shadow, he does not overreact to the strange occurrences that are happening, he just deals with them with an intrigued and emotionless attitude.At his wife’s funeral, he put the coin that the leprechaun gave him into the coffin. Later on, Shadow’s wife, appeared in the motel room he was in.  It was obvious she was dead, and still, he barely acknowledges the matter.  It is later on discovered that the coin was the reason that his departed wife had risen. Shadow soon knew that Mr. Wednesday was an incarnation of the God Odin, who looked for all of the old and forgotten gods, to convince them to be a part of a war between the Gods. Then two of the New Gods’ henchmen took him.

That is when his dead wife showed up while he was asleep, and killed the men, and released him.  Soon enough he was led by a large raven, and ended up in Cairo, Illinois.  He is then told to find to other Gods in Cairo and to help them out.  Mr. Jacquel and Mr.

Ibis run a funeral home, and Shadow stayed on to help them for a while. When he’s there he meets Bast, another God.The new Gods were named Media, Technology, Drugs, Money, etc. they had henchmen, Mr. Town and Mr. Road.  They had curiosity towards Shadow.  They were hoping to get him on their side.

Everyone was wanting him to work for them.  Mr. Wednesday set Shadow up with an apartment in Northern Michigan.

Mr. Wednesday popped in intermittently and took him to find more old Gods to get on their team. Shadow was arrested because he’s suspected of the murders of the henchmen.

Two other ally gods of Mr. Wednesday pretended to be Police Officers and got him out of prison. While he was there the new gods murdered Mr. Wednesday.

Shadow then to performed his Mr. Wednesday as part of the employment contract.Shadow realized in his visions during the vigil that Mr. Wednesday was his father. He then knew that Mr.

Wednesday set up the war of the old and the new so they’d be slain in Odin’s name, giving him energy. Shadow came onto the battle field and told them that Mr. Wednesday wanted them to die in his name, giving him more power. All of the Gods then disappeared. then shadow moved on to make condolences for his past.   

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