Shae relocated to New York. Since relocating there,

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Last updated: April 16, 2019

Shae DeTar is awell-known American photographer and painter artist, who not only takes photosbut uses mixed medias give it a vibrant effect to create her own style of art.

By this I mean, she paints her photos and sometimes collages them. DeTar wasborn in Pennsylvania, while growing up, she lived in Pennsylvania but laterrelocated to New York. Since relocating there, she has stayed there ever since.The self-taught artist creates spirited, cinematic worksshooting her subjects in beautiful locations, prints the images and then handpaints over her photographs to turn them into otherworldly images. She is known for her colorfulshot in surreal locations, she adds layers of paint to exaggerate color and texture.ShaeDeTar is a self-taught fine art and commercial photographer who has had herwork featured in many publications. She taught herself how to correctly lightphotographs and how to control f stops.

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When she was starting photography, sheshot self-portraits because “I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time.” After shegot more comfortable with controlling her camera, she started to photographpeople.   She got the idea topaint on her own photographs because it was something she did when she was ayoung child. With her photography now, she photographs her subjects in what sheimages as her ‘own virtual world.

‘ Shae DeTar creates otherworldly photographicmixed media prints, taking her subjects out of reality and placing them withinher ethereal world. In her work, she focuses on capturing the female gaze. Witheach photograph, they are an experiment because she never knows how they willend up in the end. When she adds paint to her prints, it is to exaggerate the colors,bring out textures and add different elements that she couldnot do with her camera.

Since she has started this techniqueof painting on her prints, she has been commissioned by: The New Yorker, NYMagazine and by Def Jam, Aritzia, Cosabella, Free People, Alice & Oliviaand Ballet Beautiful. DeTar also recently won best editorial by PDN in thespring of 2016 for her series titled TheFemale Gaze. Her work has been featured in Nylon Magazine and Juxtapose,and digitally on, and DeTar is still active inthe photography world, she still photographs commercially and artistically.Recently she has shot commercial advertisements for: Aritizia, Cosabella, FreePeople and Alice and Olivia.

Although most of the prints below look similar, theyare all individually unique and each have a different concept and story totell. For example, one of the known pieces are Hide and Seek, Dream and Kensington Gardens. Although the piecesof art work that’s mentioned are almost the same, the color contrast, positionsand the concept is very different from each other. With each picture, she usesa variety of cameras.

As a known photographer and artist, in one of herinterviewsshe said “while I have taken time to learn thetechnical aspects, they don’t interest me. I don’t care what camera I use, whatmatters to me is how it makes me feel.” It shows us that the tools forphotography and any subject doesn’t create the work for you it’s bare talent,that lands you the fame. “Shoot days…

I cast for women on Instagram usuallyand then once I have a group of women, we take either a van or SUV and I driveus to a beautiful location. She is hand on over the whole process of her work.

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