Shang, Zhou, qin, Han

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A hyper empire, most sophisticated government, economy, and culture; high literacy rates

Second foreign dynasty; closest border; misses the Industrial Revolution and falls behind the rest of the world

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Maritime exploration of the Indian Ocean; closest Borders

Pecans maritime trade in the Pacific ocean

Build grand Canal

To fight and conquer and all your battles is not supreme excellence, supreme excellent consist of breaking the enemies resistant without fighting
Sun Tzu

When it is left to follow its natural feelings, human nature will do good. That’s why say it is good. If it becomes evil, it is not the fault of man’s original capability

Which philosophy believed in the collective responsibility, it empowers teachers and students to hate it
Han fei

Nowadays people think their duty full sons when they feed their parents. Yet they also nowadays people think their duty full sons when they feed their parents. Yet they also fat Feed their dogs and horses.

Unless there’s respect, what is the difference


The nature of man is evil; his goodness is acquired
Han fei

His nature being what it is, man is born, first, with desire for a game
Han fei

Shy huangdi said ” to strengthen the trunk one must week in the branches .” In this case, is he referring to the central government as the tree trunk and the Nobles as the tree branches. Who’s philosophy is he advocating
Han fei

The gentleman cherries for it you; the inferior man cherries possessions

Be at one with the dust of the earth. This is primal union
Lao tzu/ daoism

Which of the following best explains the changes in China’s population shown in the table above
Agricultural output increased as a result of the use of Nucrop strains, Iron plows, and expanded irrigation

The conversations between Confucius and his disciple’s are found in the

In early China, it is believed that the universe was divided between two primary forces, this became a symbol for daoism
The sun as they Yang and the moon as they ying

Developed during the hundred schools era

A key difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is that Buddhism
Was simpler, as it rejected the numerous Hindu gods

Accord believe in the need to force people to behave properly though the use of restrictive regulations was the foundation of the philosophy of

In addition to that in the ending of the rudder and for and art rigging, another significant Chinese invention is the Han era was

The Indian Cassis them functioned as a political institution bye
Enforcing rules about social behavior

The lines on the map above illustrate which of the following
Extent of trade routes

The central aspect of neolithic revolution was the
Emergence of systematic food production techniques capable of regularly growing greens and vegetables and breeding working and domesticated animals

The harappan state
Was probably composed of loosely connected traded military alliances of over 1500 cities and towns

Which of the following are true statements mark all that apply
The Maria dynasty is the most unified India is under one government up until modern day times, circa 1500 to 1600 Ahimsa is the act of nonviolence towards all living things; jampacked as is an extreme form of ahimsa Chandra group to Mariah updated his power.

It is reasonable to assume that the stress is too much: secret police, fittest yours, constant rearrangement of sleeping arrangements It is a struggle Aaronic that is so good extended them Ryan empire to greatest territorial boundaries once he became a pacifist

Which of the following was an important continuity of the social structure of states and empires in the period 600 B.C.E. to 1450 BC
landholding aristocrats tended to be the dominant class

Probably the most significant explanation for the fall of the Qin. Dynasty is that the
Functionalism and resentment of the Qin shi huangdi policies created internal weakness that undermined the dynasty survival after his death

Which of these ancient civilization survive, intact, until the 20th century

All of the following are true about the ancient Samarian city states except that
Their political structure was democratic in nature

Has the dao de jing as its primary document

I cannot make a tree grow or Floreis said the gardener all I can do is avoid hindering the trees growth I have no power to make a grow What it be possible to apply this philosophy of yours to the art of the government asked a questioner My only art is growing of trees said the gardener government is not my business A historian of the tongue China would probably find the passage of Leo’s on the on most useful as a source of information about which of the following
Ideas about proper government

Ancient Chinese literature served the purpose of
Instruction, often with the didactic component (Confucius)

In Indian terms dumber first to the law setting behavioral standards in which group in Indian society
All inhabitants of India, all of the classes

Between 200 BC and 450 CE the silk roads linked which of the following
East Asia and the Mediterranean sea

Mark every answer that is a true statement
Both Buddhism and Christianity have monastic components India took approximately 1000 years longer to create an empire under one government then did Mesopotamia Egypt Historically speaking, India has never had to codify civil the Haviar because of the cast system specifically the job he has taken care of social behavior Hinduism of all dad of Arian traditions and the Vedas versus the other major religions where the profits came first and then the holy text

The lengthiest I see in Chinese history was the

Mesopotamian religion
Was reinforced by the intensity of the regions environment

The principle of filial piety
Emphasize the needs and desires of the patriarch

The cast system
Was applicable to every member of Indian society

The term “the dao” in China means
The way

Both the Shang and the zhou
Where The only Chinese governments to be decentralized.

It was really a feudalistic system

The Qin differed from the zhou in that
It was more centralized government

According to the zhou concept of the mandate of heaven
They can was expected to rule in a considerate and effective manner every emperor had to justify his role as a capable and virtuous man

A dynasty in Chinese history was
A family who passed the imperial title from generation to generation

What do Zoroastrianism and Judaism have in commin
Emphasis on good and evil

What army of occupation was driven from India by Chandrgupta maurya
The army of Alexander the great

The well field system
Allowed peasants plots of their own to work as well as working the lands of their lords

The people who created the first Mesopotamian civilization where the

Mark all that are true
There was an element of slavery and both China and Rome. However Roma had a significant portion of the population of slaves 25 to 30% where is china the numbers never exceeded 1%Shi haungdi having forced relocation’s or influential nobles to the capital is like Nebuchadnezzar forcing the relocation of the influential juice to the capital of Babylonia Peasants in China, will never wealthy, still had higher status and merchants because according to Confucian values they were contributed to the greater good The civil service exam was a continuity of China glass of a serves exam was given in the 20th century ce

Why is the underlying message of the cycle of reincarnation
You are you deserve to be

Ancient Chinese civilization originated in the valleys of the
Yellow and Yangtze River

which of the following accurately characterizes the ancient Egyptian civilization
There was a sense of security and feeling of changelessness

Most of the currently standing great wall of China was
Built during the Ming Dynasty

During the Shang dynasty the Chinese
Achieved reown of their bronze casting achievement

A significant cultural contribution of the Shang dynasty was the work that was Cast in

Assumed that all humans had their own Dao

On a practical level, reincarnation
Provided hope for the younger class

The idea of the mandate of heaven was
Introduced By the Joe dynasty as it served to legitimize it’s power

The terra-cotta figures near they can first Emperor’s burial mound demonstrate the
Huge accident yours that were devoted to afterlife preparation for the Monarch

The foundations for Indian civilization were laid in which age

Changed his personal values and governmental policies after becoming a Buddhist

The phoneCians
Invented an alphabet

The first full unified government in Chinese history was that of

The Mahabaharata
Provides an alarm for discussion of the ethics of dharma

What modern idea is advanced by Confucius over 2000 years ago
Government depends on the will of the people

All of the following are true regarding the Han dynasty except
Emperor wudi continued was she quantities legalistic practices

A set of commentaries on the Vedas were

The Qin dynasty
Carried out public book burnings

The Assyrian empire
Was skilled at Legion both conventional and guerrilla warfare

It is true that the
Joe in traduced a money economy and used iron quoins

The purpose of the earliest Veda was to provide
Hymns for tribal Arian religious ceremonies

Which of the following describes the important distinction between the club beliefs of Confucianism and Daoism as developed in the period 600 B.C.

E. to 600 CE

Confucianism focused on social cohesion, but Daoism centered on the human connection of nature

ChandraGupta maurya
Seared assassination and had secret police

What types of people would have most likely to prefer the philosophy of Daoism
Those who liked an individualized approach to life that advocates a nature way of going along with the flow the vents

Which of the following was true about the Shane government before the time of the mandate of heaven was introduced
The king was viewed as an intermediary between heaven and earth

All of the following are true except
The Upanishads are the oldest and most important writings of the Vedas the concept of time is embedded within the Vedas poems

Although not technically rejecting aristocratic rule Confucius believe that a primary basis for granting the right to participate in government should be

Confucius places scholar gentry at the top of the social hierarchy the peasant come in second which of the following is true in comparison with India social path system
Confucius have little respect for the merchant because merchants by nature are not concerned with the greater good in terms of social hierarchy they’re comparable to the NDA is Chandra’s

All the following are a function of the Honda government except
Aid to unwed mothers

Which of the following was the primary method both used in qin China and Maury’s. India to maintain their empires
Implementation of a central bureaucracy

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