Shangri then patrician in the four-day Shangri-La Care

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Last updated: September 3, 2019

Shangri La Hotel and Resort use 4 key elements for Corporate Social Responsibility.

?Firts is “Our people ” In 2011 Shangri-La become a member of UN Global Compact with desire of interesting its Principles as a reference framework for sustainable operations. In this reason company continue strengthen the policies and structure in lone with the principles of human rights, labour, the environment and anticorruption. Shangri-La is an equal-opportunity employer.

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All colleagues made familiar with the groups commitment to non-discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status. pregnancy or disability. Main reason is undertaxed that equal employment opportunities are made available to all colleagues, irruptive of their gender, marital status etc.

Company respect and support the protection of teams human rights such as firm stance against human trafficking, sexual harassment and explanation of children. Also, the company ensures that all personal actions, including compensation, benefits, transfer. lay-offs, return from lay-offs. Moreover company sponsored training, education and tuition assistance.

 Training and development it is a group requirements that all staff in every hotel, irrespective of service level, undertake a minimum full days orientation programme and then patrician in the four-day Shangri-La Care service cultural learning programme.Secind one is “Our enviroment”. In 2014 Shangri la launched  “Rooted in nature”, a food and beverage driven initiative aimed at aligning CSR and sustainability goals have less produce than larger scale producers. Resort use of local, small scale producers and fish traders that produce good, clean and fair food and therefore will generally have less produce that large scale producers.

Also use of local, quality ingredients, supp;ied by farmers, herders,fishers,butchers,bakers and artisans who preserve traditional knowledge and techniques and work with respect for the environment, the landscape and animal walfare.  In 2016 Shangri La reduced water consumption from 0.7 cubic metres per business unit to 0.

67 cubic metres per business unit against 2015 levels, representing a group-wide reduction of 4% Moreover, in 2016 the average energy intensity of the hotels decreases approximately 6% from 80.43 in 2015 to 57.86 kilowatt-hours per business unit. One more is  “Our comminities”. By statistics staff from Shangri La resrots and Spa devoted a record-breaking 135,000 volunteer hours in 2015, demonstrating a genuine care for the communities in which we operate.

Every hotel maintains a colleagues notice board and conducts weekly meetings to keep colleagues abreast of hotel-level. Last one is “Our business” Guest safety and security is priority for Shangri La. In that reason hotels always improve fire and life safety. Modern technology of air conditioner use high indoor air quality.

Also, hotels use high standards of data security system of the guests.

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