Shitko Exam2

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Last updated: April 22, 2019
Pearson best known for what?

Which author paved the way for contemporary fantasy literature
Amanda Hocking

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in order for books to become popular, one of the following need to occur
Selected Answer: Correctd. all of the above.Answers: A.

a rapid form of printing.B. a literate publicC. an inexpensive source of paperCorrectd.

all of the above.

important effect of printing press removable type
to multiply the output and cut the costs of books

primary function of a book publisher
To buy manuscripts from authors and turn them into books

which of the following is true about book authorsA) They become wealthyB) They self publish C) Fabricate the majority details of their lifeD) Modest income
B) They self-publish

How are books distributed to book stores
delivery trucks

Jannet Evanonich, who is she?
American author who initially got rejected by publishers but then became successful

What do Scarlette letter, mice of men, and huckleberry finn have in common
they are books???????

Amazon’s feature as a book seller A)
– Offering all books rather than a selection of books- electronic publishing and print-on-demand

What’s the advantage of electronic book
you know this

Margaret Seltzer
American writer who wrote a fake story of her experiences growing up half white half native and being a part of a gang. She’s a liar…

T/F Prior to the Gutenberg press, there were no books published

Books were being printed in Mexico City early as 1540T/F

Did Thomas Clancy (author) have multiple publishers fighting for his love and desire

Is the Federal Gov the largest publisher of books in the U.S.

The number of independent book store is growing rapidly because the chain bookstores don’t understand what readers want to buy

Ingram Book Company

Do colleges & universities make more money on used books than on new textbooks

T/F The author Nathaniel Hawthorn dislike women because their domestic novel sold better than his serious novels

T/F Publisher view books as one more product in the entertainment business

T/F In the U.S., books are usually banned at a national level and are usually readily available once they’ve been banned
False, banned at local level

Amazon would be considered primarily a shorthead book seller

Annie Leibovitz
Producing provocative magazine covers since 1970s (ex.

Caitlyn Jenner)

Margaret Bourke-White
Her work was in Life magazine

Which magazine was the first national magazine and widely circulated
Saturday Evening Post

Which photo journalist was a pioneer with his/her photos of the Civil War
Mathew Brady

What did the Postal Act of 1879 do?
permitted mailing magazines at cheap second-class postage rates

Atlantic, Harpers, and National Review are known as which of the following type of magazineA)
Progressive orientation

Native advertisement
type of advertisement where it matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears

Dove campaign for real beauty have been credited with what?
featured models of a variety of sizes, empowering women

Why do magazines editor often choose not to put minorities on cover of magazines
Cuz they racist

T/F Tablet owners tend to read fewer paper magazines than non-owners

T/F Magazines resist using social media to promote editorial and advertising content of their publication

Which paper Benjamin Franklin was noted to publish?
Pennsylvania Gazette (Penny Press?)

Journalistic objectivity began with which of the following type of presses
Penny Press

Edward R. Murrow best remembered for what?
broadcasting for CBS from Europebroadcasted WWII

Who owns the majority of newspaper in the U.S.
Gannett, publisher of USA Today

What paper broke the Watergate story in 1972
Washington Post

Frederick Douglas was the editor of what newspaper
The Northstar

Colonial newspaper would be characterized by which of the following
– audience primarily wealthy elite- published by political parties- focused on opinion- expensive

The change to objective reporting in the 1800s was driven by what?
The rise of a literate working class.

Joseph Pultizer used NY World to appeal to women for which of the following reason
advertisers wanted to reach them

Which of the following Newspaper most clearly defines what will be news in the U.S.
the New York Times

U.S. Today runs a story of Lady Gaga on the front page of its Life Section, this is an example of _____ news value
Human Interest

What is the definition of consequence news value
Numbers of people affected and how seriously it affects them. Also called magnitude (numbers) and/or consequence (long-term impact).

Alternative newspaper such as New Times, Village Voice are successful for money makers because of the following reason
reaching where big media chain can’t, targeted at young audience

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