Should Schools Have Dress Codes?”). Students should be

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Last updated: September 23, 2019

Should Students Have Dress Codes?Imagine sitting in the car and having the air conditioning on high. You step out of the car and there is so much humidity that your hair is frizzy and you’re sweating. Would you like to walk into school with long sleeves and sweatpants on a hot June day when the sun is shining?  Well that’s what girls have to deal with because more than 75 % of schools in the United States have issued dress codes that limit what boy and girls are allowed to wear on school grounds. Even though this have been debatable for many years, freedom to wear what you want can be a way for children to fit in and express themselves. Dress codes send clears messages from school administrators to students. “Your individuality is inconvenient.

The self-identity that you want to express through clothing doesn’t belong here” (“Should Schools Have Dress Codes?”). Students should be able to fit in and develop a personal style. Students go to school for about 8 hours and in the hours they spend at school learning, they should be able to wear comfortable clothing. In 1969, a case of Tinker V. Des Moines, a 13 year old girl wore an armband to protest the Vietnam War and she was suspended.

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This court case went to the Supreme Court and Mary Beth Tinker won because the court believed the school violated the First Amendment and restricted her political speech. Self expression isn’t an inconvenience or a distraction (Should Schools Have Dress Codes). Dress codes are geared toward females more than they are towards men. People say that these low test scores can be because students are dressing inappropriately. The idea that a visible bra strap or leggings will prevent a teen boy from learning is absurd to me.

A school’s priority is to creat an ideal learning environment for males, while ignoring factors that may help females learn (Which Side Are You On?). A male student could wear pants that are low or sit below the waistline, and they will be asked to pull them up. Female students might wear tanks and will be sent to the principals office, suspended, sent home to change or even given detention. If this isn’t sexist, what is? Dress codes are more towards females to prevent boys against temptation.

“If the intent is to foster an atmosphere conductive to learning, why would spaghetti straps interfere with an understanding of algebraic equations” (Are Dress Codes A Good Idea?”)? School administrators underestimate boys maturity and girls choices. Females faces serious discipline for minor violations and these decisions have even reached national media attention. Dress codes are like saying that because a store has a cash register, it’s the stores fault if it gets robbed (Which Side Are You On). There has been debate that dress codes are exclusionary. Transgender students are banned from wearing clothing that doesn’t match their gender, on the grounds that it isn’t appropriate. “A male-born transgender student that identifies as female may choose to wear a skirt or dress to school, only to be told that boys are not permitted to wear skirts or dresses” (Are School Dress Codes Discriminatory?”).

I believe that anyone should be able to express themselves through the clothes they wear, regardless of gender identity. 

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