Should should eat less of this junk food.

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Last updated: September 27, 2019

Should People Eat Less Junk Food       Junk food has become widespread lately.

These meals are very harmful to the body because they contain a high percentageof fat and sugars. People look at fast food with different views. Some peopleclaim that they should eat less junk food as a result of the health andeconomic damage to the family.” There is a close relationship betweenconsumption of fast food, obesity and some chronic diseases”( Sena, 2015). There are health reasons andeconomic reasons that increase the argument of junk food.

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A result of increasedargument about junk food, there are unhealthy effects and economic reasons whichis very important to understand the argument.         Health causes play a very big role in the argumentabout junk food. Some people refuse junk food as a result of the unhealthy effectof these meals. Obesity is the most dangerous effects of eating fast foodbecause it contains high fats and sugars and salts. Cardiovascular diseases areone of the most important reasons why people should eat less fast meals.

Manychronic diseases are caused by eating fast foods such as blood pressure anddiabetes. “Doctors claim that junk food consumption alters brain activity in amanner similar to addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin”(Parker, 2007).          Furthermore, the second point ofview is that the reason behind the reduction of junk food is the economicreasons. The family has many burdens to buy junk food and eat in restaurants.

Not all families have a high income to eat junk food instead of cooking athome. Whilst, buying Junk food affects the familyincome. Therefore, some people believe that economic burdens and costs are areason why they should reduce their fast food to save money. ” Consumers also tend to eat too much in one sitting, and those whohave satisfied their appetite with junk food are less likely to eat healthyfoods like fruit or vegetables”( Hagan, 2015).     It is often said that fast food is of no use.It has many undesirable effects and people should eat less of this junk food.

But this argument may be incorrect because first, junk food tastes verydelicious. Its shape is attractive and its smell is good. Second, junk food mayprovide very great time and effort at most times. Third, junk food is asolution for some people who are not good at cooking. Finally, healthy food andorganic foods are expensive, so fast foods are better and cheaper.

Therefore,junk food is useful and important.       In conclusion, junk food isconsidered very harmful and unhealthy. There are many unhealthy reasons forsome people to insist on eating less fast meals. Heart attacks and diabetes arethe unhealthiest effects. Economic reasons play a major role in reducing junkfood.

But the other opinion claims that the meals are delicious and attractive.The argument continues between supporters and opponents about that peopleshould eat less fast food or not.

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