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Last updated: August 9, 2019

Showing more recognition to those who make an impact on our society is essential. Again, professional athletes get payed millions by doing nothing more than play games. Most of that money should go to people who perform more meaningful jobs that affect society in a positive manner. For example, teaching is one of the most important jobs to our economy because it makes people educated to provide better career opportunities and produce more advanced goods and services. Teachers are seen in the classrooms for six to seven hours every day with students teaching lessons, presenting new skills and guiding students as they practice and master those skills. But, most work teachers do are never seen. Teachers grade hundreds of papers, prepare new lesson plans, meet with students and/or parents, attend staff meetings, prepare tests, and prep our schedules for classes for the next day. This shows the average amount of work teachers are required to do outside of their regular school days adds up to fourteen-hour days for forty weeks out of the year (The Staffroom).

Still, the amount of work and effort they put in is only being counted for only a fraction, or even less, of what pro athletes are paid. Not only teachers, but nurses and majority of doctors who dedicate their lives to the care of others, firefighters who pull families out of burning buildings, policemen who go on dangerous missions to find criminals, and army reinforcements who are put out on warzones not knowing if they’ll make it back home or not. These individuals are shaping the future of the country and yet, no one is handing them exorbitant sums of money. To put this in perspective with athletes, Lebron James makes on average $198,000 per day compared to a public-school teacher making an annual salary ranging between $48-000-$63,475 (USA Today). It’s truly a shame that none of these true heroes are given the same amount of recognition by society than Stephen Curry or Lebron James are given.

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Professional athletes are making too much money in a society where salaries and wages are usually based on the value of one’s work. In today’s society, one should be paid relative to the job’s economic importance and their value to society. 

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