Silk the silk road weavers from western were

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                                                         Silk                                                                                                                                                                             What is silk           Silk is a fabric in  China and is also silkworms and silk can be woven into a very soft and smooth fabric and silk is made in Ancient China that can be used for clothing.                                                                                            SilkwormsSilkworms are caterpillars and butterflies and moths can produce silk but silkworms only produce lustrous long fiber made into commercial silk and also there is over 300 varieties of the silkworms caterpillar and more than 600 varieties are found in Japan also the Tussah silkworms are bright yellow.

                                     Early Silk Trade Chinese silk was in central Asia and people used silk as clothes and ‘200B.C.E silk was extant in Japan at the turn of immigrants and in 1,000B.C the routes of transmission were the same,also quantities of chinese silk shipped on a regular basis and the silk road weavers from western were employed                                                              Chinese silk was spread of buddhism and buddhism spread throughout South Central and East Asia and Donations of sizeable quantities of silk  Guaranteed that orayers would continue to be decreased individuals and silk provides a link between he/she life and the develop of the silk may be forced and silk was connected with spread of faith.       

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