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Since the attentionof the public toward fashion industries has been raised through mass media andinternet, the diversity of the fashion and life styles have been broaden andspecified. Therefore, the fashion industry recognized the necessity of thefresh and creative new design works (Borrelli Laird, 2000). Fashion industry used fashionillustration as one of the main means of the communication between industry andpublic or consumers. Now, the fashion illustration has the artisticsignificance as the visual communication to send the message to the people keepasking their demands. With the growth of the fashion market and fashionindustries, the pattern and technique of the expression of the fashionillustration also has been evolved (AnnaKiper, 2011), and thefashion illustration is used in the diverse design fields and industries.

Fashion illustration that has both of aesthetical and commercial aspects isregarded as not only just simple visual information but also, the method of thediverse creative and commercial design products, and also due to globalized anddiversified interests of the public, its range of the usage has been keptgradually increased. From the past to present, from the simple sub-expressionmean of fashion design to the one of essential part of the fashion industry andother design industries, the position of the fashion illustration have beenwiden and significant (Drake Nicholas, 1997).  Research QuestionToo manyfactors of the requirements of the fashion companies are now standardized, soit is hard to set a side the competitive and distinctive works just by the design.For the contentment of the demands of the consumers, ‘Collaboration’ has beenappeared in the design industries. Now, the collaboration has become the corefiled in the fashion business and its marketing. Fashion illustration receivedattention for the point that the collaboration with the fashion companies couldcreate the high value design products (Borrelli Laird, 2000).

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Therefore,this dissertation proposal would question about the research on fashionillustrations and fashion brands that collaborated with, and the specificexamples of the products that have been produced through the collaboration.Also the feature of the expression (Anna Kiper,2011) of thefashion illustration would be able to research. This dissertation proposalwould be the fundamental base of the research that could able to navigate thestrategic moves and usage of factors of the creative design throughcollaboration with fashion brands and fashion illustration.

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