Sir Thomas Malory

Sir Thomas Malory was a great author of his day, and all of his tales are worth a miniscule report, however since it is necessary to pick one tale I did do. The tale that I was most compelled to write about was The Tale of King Arthur and Emperor Lucius. There were many other good stories in the novel, however there were a few aspects in The Tale of King Arthur and Emperor Lucius, which set them apart from the rest. The three biggest aspects which “caught my eye” in this tale are the major battle portions, the involvement with the Roman Empire, and Arthur’s successful assault on Rome.Rome is the greatest, and most dominant empire of all time, because of its vast and enchanting history.

These portions of the chapter clearly made this chapter transcendent to all others in the novel. The Tale of King Arthur and Emperor Lucius was the best of Malory’s for many reasons. The First thing that “caught my eye” in the chapter pertaining to King Arthur and the Roman Emperor Lucius was the many battles. The battles were many and number, and high in excitement.I enjoyed all of the jousting and engagements between the Romans, and King Arthur’s court.

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Sir Launcelot again prevailed over all knights in valor and courageousness. Sir Launcelot is a lion on the battlefield, yet a swan to the gentlewoman. He defeated more enemies than all of the other knights of Arthur. The best battle scene involved a highly dramatic event where Sir Launcelot fights the Emperor Lucius. The battle wages on, and on, until Launcelot finally prevails.

Another aspect of the battles that I enjoyed was their gross encompassment, and the beings fighting in them. Some of the interesting warriors who fought were the giants, and elephants. These things dramatically improved the warring, for no other chapter has elements like this. The actuality that Arthur and his knights are brawling the Romans heightens the senses and draws attention towards this portion of the book.

The fighting and commotion lasts throughout. Everybody knows the Romans, and how dominant they were on the battlefield.So seeing Arthur and his knights fight the Romans (best war machine on earth) shows how excellent King Arthur’s knights are. The thing that makes this chapter so great is that Arthur eventually leads on to conquer the Roman Emperor Lucius. Lucius believes himself to be a superior leader to all in the world, he is soon proved wrong. Also Arthur has figured a strategy to rightfully be able to claim the throne for himself. However this would not be done so easily.

After Arthur defeats Lucius on the battlefield he must then walk his soldiers to Italy and then on to Rome herself. After a long had travel through the mountains, Arthur and his knights finally come to Italy, but they meet a well-fortified city (Milan). They lay siege on Milan, and it takes awhile until they finally overrun the city. Then Arthur takes his knights on to Rome, where the Pope graciously accepts him as the Holy Roman Emperor.

After being crowned Holy Roman Emperor Arthur wishes to return to England, (to see Gwynevere) which he does with his knights.This chapter Pertaining to King Arthur and Emperor Lucius was the best portion of the book Le Morte’ De Arthur written by Sir Thomas Mallory in my opinion. When you put a ton of battle scenes with strange and elegant warriors and have the Romans war with the Knights of the Round Table. Throw in Arthur winning the battle, then assaulting Rome herself, and then overrunning the best-fortified city in Italy. Then taking Rome with the Pope begging for mercy.

It’s splendid, which is why this chapter was the best in many ways. Which is why I would recommend this old novel to anyone.

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