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My group and I presented our questionnaire data In the form of three different bar graphs. The first bar chart was about the data we got from asking pedestrians weather them though Tourism has a positive Impact on the South Bank’. 97% of the pedestrians that we asked had agreed with this statement In which 64% has said they strongly agreed with this statement.

However, only three per cent of the pedestrians asked were unsure. I think that the majority of people agreed with this statement as the impact of tourism can clearly be seen on the South Bank. As theSouth Bank is a honeymoon site, it attracts a lot of people. On top of this, one of the many people surveyed were shopkeepers who agreed with the statement which shows tourism has a positive economic impact on the South Bank area. Our second bar chart presented data on what people liked the most about the five sites. Most of the people answered saying they liked the tourist attractions such as the London Eye in each area.

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Out of the people surveyed, 20% of them said they liked the culture and leisure faceless where as 20% of the people liked the safe environment and the fact that local shops were available to them.A small minority said that they liked the cleanliness and attractions as they are very safe which are there for tourism purposes. This contributes towards the economy and therefore it increases the number of tourists that visit every year. The final bar chart was based on what the people likes about the five different sites on the South Bank. 44% of the people we asked did not like the fact that the sites being too crowded. Other commented on how unpleasant/unsafe the environment was or how there were not enough local shops around.

A very small number of people has thoughts about how the area was either noisy or had pests e. G. Pigeons. In my opinion, I think that people thought that it was hard to travel to the South Bank due to traffic and a lot of people using the public transport In central London. There Is more likely that there is people congestion In public transport In Central London which would have caused the people who I surveyed to think that the area had an unpleasant or unsafe environment. Pedestrian Count: For the pedestrian count, my group and I carried out a pedestrian count for each of the five sites.We then presented this information as proportional circles on a Map wowing all the five sites. For the proportional circles, we decided that for every 0.

CM it would represent 800 people. After completing the proportional circles, we could clearly see that Jubilee Gardens had the most Pedestrians In it. This might be the case as the area has a park which acts as the Honeymoon site. This was because many people were there on school trips when we went that shows the area was used socially as well as It being an environmentally friendly.

The second site that contained the most people was at County Hall.I think that many people were present here because of the long line of shops that were present with attractions such as the ‘London Dungeons as well as the London Eye being right next to County Hall. Due to attractions such as the London Eye are present, the area is both socially and would go to work around there. There was lots of office building present making t the third biggest circle on my map. The fourth site to have not as many people was the area in front of Royal Festival Hall. I think that there weren’t as many people present there as we conducted the pedestrian count in the morning when shops were opening up.

Therefore many people were not present there. The least populated areas during our pedestrian count were behind the National Theatre. This was because it was a quiet area and the theatre was closed that day. This affected the number of people who would come and visit.

Also as it was an overtly, many people were not present on top making it clear that there were less pedestrians. This was a social as well as an economic factor as there were not many people then that area will not make a lot of money as well as people not going there means that the area around it was not clean or people thought it was not a nice place to visit.Composite Bar Chart: The other method we used to evaluate the environmental quality survey was by creating a Composite Bar Chart. The Composite bar chart allows us to measure the environmental impacts of the South Bank and analyses if it has a positive of negative impact which allows us to prove if our hypothesis is correct. We were given a survey that we had to fill out whilst visiting all the five sites. We find out after drawing the composite bar graph that in terms of buildings, Jubilee Gardens was the best in terms of having a good environment.There were not many buildings there and the pen spaces in Jubilee Gardens can be clearly seen by the pedestrians who pass by. The building did not affect the quality of the environment in the area.

On the graph, it dominated taking up 26% of the graph. The building in Country Hall also did not affect the quality of the environment. It was also standing at 26% on the composite bar graph. County Hall was a big building with historical statues all along the building. It did not make the environment around it look bad but rather enhanced the look of area.This makes a positive environmental and social impact on the South Bank as if the buildings do not affect the quality of the environment around them, and then people will visit more often and be able to also enjoy the open space in Jubilee Gardens without seeing litter or something that might be of an eye saw to them.

This makes it into a honeymoon site as many people will then visit it due to the positive social and environmental impacts. This then proves the Hypothesis correct. The next thing we had to evaluate was how good or bad traffic was in each area.

Again, County Hall and Jubilee Gardens was the best at solving Traffic problems both covering 56. 4% of the chart. This shows that there were not many traffic problems were experienced by the pedestrians at the South Bank. This shows that the social factors and people congestion did not affect the tourists and the people around the South Bank that day. In Jubilee Gardens, many people sat on the Grass and therefore it did not block the main pathway allowing workers and tourists to walk along without traffic. This was the same case with County Hall.However, in County Hall, people sat on the side benches making space in the middle FRR people to smoothly travel across the South Bank.

This then proves the hypothesis by showing it has a positive social impact on the South Bank, The third Bar on our Composite Graph was to evaluate open spaces. In this case, Jubilee Gardens had the most open space with a good economic factor. On the graph, Jubilee Gardens (Site 2) covered 22. 2% of the bar chart showing it was the most environmentally friendly by having the most open spaces.This then proves the hypothesis correct as Jubilee Gardens would have a positive impact on the South Bank by having lots of open Space because more tourists will visit.

The area with the least open spaces on my graph was Site 4 Belvedere Road). This was because it was a street full of business and office buildings making it more industrial and economic compared to an environmental space. It only covered 7. 8% of that bar.

This can prove that out hypothesis at Site four would have a negative impact as not many tourists would want to visit the area because of how industrialized it is with barely any open space.The next bar on the composite Bar graph shows us the general quality of each site. Again, Jubilee Gardens dominated the graph by covering 18. 42% of it. His was expected because of hoe environmentally friendly and clean the area was. Many people were seated there and watched the beautiful scenery. The general quality of the area would then be good as the people who own the South Bank would want to make profit and make sure the general Quality of the area is clean. This then proves the hypothesis correct as the economic and environmental factors are positive in the South Bank area.

On the other side, the site with that covered the smallest part of the graph showing that the general quality of that area was not good was site 5 (Coin Street). This again was because it was another industrialized area along with Site 4. This then proves that there are some sites on the South Bank that have a negative environmental impact that disproves out Hypothesis. Land use Map (RECEIPTS) I and my group carried out s land use survey at each of the five sites we visited. While we were at Site 1, we were able to work out that the site consists mainly of public buildings as site 1 is County Hall.This way, it attracts tourists because they want to attend these areas. Not only will tourists visit the area, but also London residents may visit to attend the shows. This would then prove our hypothesis correct as this as a positive economic and social impact on the South Bank because the tourists and residents would spend money, helping the economy and creating more Job opportunities for the local residents.

Whist we were at Site 2, we found out that the area mainly consists of open space as there is Jubilee Gardens and it covers a total of 12 squares.Jubilee Gardens may attract tourists as it is a park and is visually appealing; therefore tourists many want to relax or have a picnic in that park. This would then prove our Hypothesis correct again as it has a positive environmental impact as the Gardens will be kept clean to attract lots of tourists. However, this may also disagree with our hypothesis as it would have a negative environmental impact as the tourist would litter and harm the environment. We found out that Site three has transport and commercial buildings.Transport may cause there to be tourists and tourists are able to access the area. Also commercial buildings would mean that the tourists would want to visit the area as there will be shops and restaurants.

This would have a positive economic, social and environmental impact on the South Bank as more tourists means more money and therefore brings about more Job opportunities. If people would get Jobs and then have more income, it would then result in then to spend more money causing a positive ripple effect. Site 4 mainly the most tourists and according to our investigation, it is a honeymoon site.This may be because the Royal Festival Hall has events such as exhibitions and shows and therefore attracts tourists as well as residents.

The IMAX Building has a cinema that attracts residents as they can go and watch a movie. This would agree with out hypothesis as it as a positive economic and social impact as the tourists would spend money as well as it promoting Jobs. However, it may disagree with out hypothesis as t has a negative environmental impact as the tourists and residents would again litter.

Site 5 mainly has residential complexes and therefore attracts less people compared to site 4.The area may have many people walking past as we conducted our investigation during rush hour and many people may have been going to work. This may disagree with out hypothesis as it may have a negative environmental impact because cars would give off exhaust gases which is harmful for the environment and cause air pollution. Price Comparison At each of the five sites that we visited, we noted down the prices of coke, ice cream, rises and small tea. We also noted down prices for these products of we were to put it in Harrow to compare our results.We found out that the price for coke at Site 2 was E, which was the most expensive out of all the sites. We also found out that the price for coke was half the price t Site two (El).

The price for ice c ream is also E. 50 which was extremely expensive compared to the other sites ad Harrow. The price of ice cream in site 3 was E. 50, which was the second most expensive price to buy ice cream. The price of ice cream in site 3 was 217 of the price in Site 2. For the price of mall tea at site two was El . 90 and Site 4 it was El .

5, which is app less that Site 2. Site 2 may have been the most expensive site as many tourists would visit the area because attractions such as the London Eye and the London Dungeons are nearby. This means that there were lot of tourists which means a high demand of drinks. Therefore the prices rise. This then proves the hypothesis correct as there are positive economic impacts on that area of the South Ban that provide money. If there is more money, then there will be more development and money to make areas of the South Bank better.

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