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Last updated: March 1, 2019

Strategic partnerships with well known legacy airlines 84. 5% of flights arrived on time which Is 4th best of reporting airlines line of Lorene carriers Implementation of Stetson Quality Suite Participation in the Aviation Safety Action Program Weaknesses Diverse Lost baggage: 9.

53 reports per 1000, double the industry average High number of customer complaints Airline quality rating study found Keyset near the bottom of 16 airlines for customer service Opportunities Increasing number of business travelers traveling on low-cost carriers Larger capacity for hiringPotential for Increasing destinations too larger geographical scope. Chapter 11 filings of United and Delta Increased travel during summer months Threats Terrorist threats put a damper on the airline industry: people have fear of flying after 9/11 Increasing price of jet fuel Consumer vacation air travel is tightly linked to the current economic status Losing travelers due to out pricing by larger competition Conclusion: Keyset has many external opportunities that will help them to capitalize on the internal strengths.Keyset should continue to develop partnerships with other airline carriers this will help cut cost because they will become shared with the partner. As the Industry continues to stay In economic turmoil Keyset should capitalize on their strengths and opportunities the Industry Is providing.

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Many of the internal weaknesses of Keyset are due to customer service and human resources.Sky west can take advantage of other companies claiming chapter 1 1 and hire workers from those companies that have the skills lacking in Keyset. Keyset should hire employees that are knowledgeable about baggage and employees that perform exceptional customer service since Keyset ranks near or at the bottom in doth of those categories. Overall, Keyset should try to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the industry.

Keyset should try to develop its strengths which would help in decreasing the weaknesses. Partnering with other airlines is the catalyst to help Keyset succeed In the current setting of the Industry. Keyset should also create a promotional campaign to promote the current and new partnerships and Inform the target market how these partnerships are going to Improve the company. Overall, Keyset can continue success with advertisement of partnerships and displays of the growing commitment to teen customer.

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