Slam Poetry background/Beat poetry background/Black Arts movement background

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Last updated: December 9, 2019
Slam poetry
begin in 1987 in Chicago, Jerome Sallan and Al simmons were first to start a slam battle, 1980, Get Me High was one of the first venues to start holding open mic nights on monday nights, also in 1987, Dave Jemilo gave Marc Smith the Green Mill as a permanent venue for poetry, occurred on Sunday nights, started July 20th, 1987.

More Slam
first poet to do slam battle in The Green Mill was Anna Brown and Jean Howard. Nuyorican’s poets’ caffe is slam spot in New York, Bob Holmann was one of first in New York. Gary Glazner had appeal to slam in San Franisco, using poetry along with dance and music.

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Herm Berlandt and Jack Mueller held Poetry festival in San Franisco and slam was involved, Gary Glazner produced the slam competition, Michael Warr directed Gary to the Green Mill, 1991 slam poetry was brought to Boston by Patricia Smith. Weeds was most successful poetry bar in Chicago due to charismatic owner Gregorio Gomez and proprietor Sergio mayor.

Beat Poetry
began with small group of friends, term “Beat Generation” given by Jack Kerouac, describes period of time, met in uptown manhattan mid 40s, moment of fame came from poetry reading at Six Gallery in San Fransico

Black Arts movement
roots of civil rights movement, dated to 60-70, responses to socio-political landscape at time, Larry neal said black arts movement is aesthetic and spiritual sister of black power movement, desire for self-determination and nationhood, sought to create politically engaged work that explored African American culture and history, drew on African american vernacular, songs, and sermons in free verse, incorporating music as well, important figure is Amiri Baraka

People who first invented beat poetry
Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, William S.


2nd generation of beat poets
Bob Kaufman, Diane DiPrima, Ed Sanders, Anne Waldman, Ted Jones, Ray Bremise.

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