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Last updated: February 14, 2019

I had many fluctuations in my marks and books were my greatest enemies. I always felt that the answer to any question during an examination had to be precise and brief and never gave any complete explanation. In my 2nd year 2nd semester, I came across an interesting professor, around 60 years of age, who understood my problem and started teaching me In an unusual fashion by correlating my lessons with his real time experiences.

He wanted me to succeed In all the areas he failed when he was our age. Later my books and I reconciled and we became the greatest friends and from that day onward, I have never proved my professor wrong. Through him I understood the exact meaning of the phrase ” Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get ideas to succeed”. This line inspired me and helped me lay a different path to my future.The kick-start which I got in the following years, boosted my technical skills and I got elected for an Internship in Polaris Software Lab for a duration of 7 months.

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“BIO-ATM” was the first project I ever worked in. The project’s was an interesting one and consisted of combining two different entities of the world a Biometric device with Java coding. The central Idea of “BIO-ATM” Is to give a finger print authentication to the ATM cards which will be more secured.I explored almost each Ana every page, document available over internet coordinated with couple professors of IT Achaean Indian Institute of Technology) as my code was not able to retrieve the image from the database, Later one of the professors rectified my error and that code became successful. My project was awarded the 3rd my university and was executed practically replacing my college library card with certain modifications in the code which is later named as “BIO-LIB” , This helped my university in reducing costs on printing cards as the students thumb impression gave them complete information about the tuned , books taken ,etc.

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