So, feasible solution for this. Secondly, when considering

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Last updated: March 12, 2019

So, I would put forwardthe following suggestions toward improvements of aforementioned issues.

Firstly,countries around the world need to unite under one umbrella by setting one definedgoal: to help North Korean people. Not only NGOs, but also governmentalorganizations, any companies, nations must get together to find a feasiblesolution for this. Secondly, when considering human security problems in NorthKorea, they must look not from political view, but from humanitarian view. Inother words, it is time to stop complaining and criticising North Korean regimebecause it is not words but actions that can bring about changes. If we insiston discussing political matters, we can easily get distracted from an initial aim.Also, today’s North Korea has got so aggressive and powerful in terms ofmilitary forces that it is almost impossible to totally ruin an existing regime.Thus, I strongly believe that Donald Trump must stop provoking North Korea withTwitter comments and military power. Moreover, economic sanctions imposed bythe US and other countries are making the situation even worse, as it has detrimentaleffects on citizens rather than the government.

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Considering that malnutrition hasbeen one the main health concerns in the country, sanctions limit food accessfor people. Instead, as a president of the most advanced country in the world,he should find the way to negotiate with North Korea in a peaceful manner. Oncehe finds common language to establish understanding between the countries, hecan help North Korean people by sending humanitarian aid.

In fact, it is notonly the US, but other countries, mainly, South Korea, China and Japan musthave an objective perspective into human security problems in North Korea. Asthe world is ruled by powerful countries, they should take more responsibilitieswhile making decisions and implementing solutions. Thirdly, to tackle the issueof Externally Displaced North Koreans, not only China and South Korea, but alsoThe US and the UN must take a lead since it has become a hot issue. Of course,it is difficult to blame China for not accepting defectors as ‘refugees’, becausethe country itself has more than a billion population. Also, we know that SouthKorea has always been trying to help escapees. One of the solutions may be to makea specific area for refugees to live, study and work. Finally, a special internationalaid is required to solve the violations of women’s rights.

Since North Korea isa patriarchal country, it is unlikely that government itself will do anything infavour of women and will be eager to accept any help from outside. So,international community should carefully choose right policies to help. Forthis, they must be able to negotiate with authorities in North Korea.

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