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So non-profit organization is the organization that has no profit as the main objective of its activity and doesn’t distribute the profits among the participants. One driving forces and trends for the Youth Character Football League that are impacting the organization would be the parents of the participants would receive growing concerns of how concussions has a big impact on little league football. According to Pawlowski she quoted “Wouldn’t you let your child drink a glass of cognac or smoke a cigarette, so why would you send him out on a football field to risk brain damage?” Another driving force is will the parents allow their kids to play with the high concern volume of the concussion research. Concussion research have suggested that parents should not allow their kids to play tackle football until there are over 12 years old.

Football has highest incidence of all youth sport. Girls have higher rate of concussion than boys in similar contact sports. The driving forces in the previous paragraph are inevitable because the more information and research that alerts the community about concussions the least likely the parents would allow their children to participate. The trend are inevitable because if the parents have problems with the coaches, and officials and how things are being ran there going to cause chaos on the football field and at practices.

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 Which forces are least predicable and have the most negative impact on the organization?The most predictable from a medical stand point the more research on concussion in contact sports parents will not allow their children to play in football, wrestling, and soccer with your sports concussion can be involved. Children have not reached the age of consent. We are having fewer children so our children are becoming more precious. My son is almost 8 years old and he’ll be the first to tell you that football is not good for your brain but love the sport of contact football. As far as soccer, there should not be any heading below the age of 18.

Soccer is a high-dexterity, high visual-spatial coordination sport. You need very high levels of brain functioning to play it and children have not attained that level of brain development. Soccer as it’s played today should be played by only children who are above the age of 12-14. Children younger than that should play a modified form of soccer, whereby there’s less contact. Maybe we make the balls bigger and lighter so that there’s less accidental injury.

Explain an unpredictable events with significant positive impact on the organization in ten and 20 yearsI believe in ten years a wealthy philanthropist would look at the structure of the organization and see how the organization is develop for children that is overweight and believe in the vision for the organization and fund the program expenses.  In twenty years 20 years some of the participates in the program would go on to received college degree, football scolarhsip to attend college and go on to play for NFL..

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