So, Rule”, formerly Mexico City Policy which requires

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Last updated: May 28, 2019

 So, in developing nations people need to be made aware of what the hazards of overpopulation can be. These are the countries where there is high Infant Mortality Rate, low Literacy Rate, and are densely populated.

The reason is same, there are more and more people without much knowledge and much hormonal interests! such that it has become difficult for the Governments of these countries to provide citizens with proper medical support (such as abortion or contraception), and when they seek aide from Developed Countries like The United States of America, leaders like Donald Trump would muster out any preexisting aid by rolling out “Global Gal Rule”, formerly Mexico City Policy which requires that any NGO seeking US aid has nothing to do with abortion. Doctors, nurses could not even mention the word “abortion” let alone women having one. We need to collectively look at this issue to tackle it and think not that if our country is less populated we’re good to go, after all, it’s a sense of satisfaction when you understand that people on the other side of the planet are doing well just like you are.  We are a success story, we have gone forth and multiplied. But now we need to downsize this exercise or it may be our downfall. Every day we add, 220,000 people to the planet which is unsustainable, the UN projects the Population would reach 9.

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8bn by 2050 and 11.2bn by 2100 (taking probable losses into consideration). Technology might come to the rescue and we might be able to use resources adequately because of some new inventions, but at the end even if we house 11bn people and feed them, what would their lives be like.. So instead of wishing for an invention that does not even exist or we’re not even sure works, let’s do what we have in our hands. The next statement may seem a “garble” but at some point in time, the Population would stop growing, how? It will stop growing because of famine, diseases, a war over resources, or maybe people will have smaller families. But forcing people to have fewer children does not work.

In fact, sending women to school to educate them and providing knowledge & access to people about birth control and contraceptives helps. When a country’s population falls there’s always an Economic turmoil because capitalism is based on eternal growth and more consumers, so yes economy will suffer but it will suffer less than if there’s no more oil, food, and water because there are 10bn people on the planet in the next 40yrs as the UN has projected and we need to move fast. For years we have been inculcated with this ethic that big families are happy families and only children are lonely children. Changing our narrow-minded view to a panoramic outlook would help in flourishing families and help in bringing prosperity. We are all in this together and need to find a solution by being aware of the facts and subject of matter and by acting and consuming with responsibility because let’s face it “Population is one major thing that holds the string to almost every social issue we can think of.” I don’t mean to startle any reader by mentioning the facts but trying to spread awareness regarding the happenings around us. Hope I painted an understandable picture of how things are.

Further, I would be discussing how we can look at this as an opportunity else counter this situation and proceed towards a better future. Another case coming soon..  Co-incidence that Industrial Rev and population came into play at same time   

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