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A structural functionalist maintains that
Society is a stable, orderly system in which the majority of members share a common set of values, beliefs, and behavioral expectations that may be referred to a collectively as societal consensus

The feminist perspective maintains that
gender is socially created rather than innately determined.

In her review of sociological literature, Lyn Lofland found that
women were part of the locale or neighborhood area like the setting or demographic but irrelevant to analytic action.

A feminist consciousness is
a recognition by women that they are treated unequally as a group and that their subordination is socially created and maintained by a system

The ability to impose one’s will on others is defined in your text as

The structural functionalist perspective is problematic because it neglects
to account for power struggles between men and women

a paradigm revolution occurs when
structural functionalism begins to wear out

feminist researchers
Elizabeth Blackwell, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Margaret Sanger, Maria W. Stewart, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Frances Willard, Victoria Claflin Woodhull.

A sex/gender system in which men dominate women and that which is masculine is more highly valued than that which is considered feminine is called a

The time period typically identified as the first wave feminism began in the U.S.

A paradigm is
a school of thought that guides the scientist in choosing the problems to be studied, selecting methods and explaining them

The difference between sex and gender is that
sex is biological, gender is socially constructed

Research on the human brain has revealed that
Men and women’s brains are not that different after all

Men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are at an increased risk of developing emotioal and interpersonal problem most likely because
they live in a culture that places a high value on traditional masculinity

the over representation of the xyy men among the institutionalized and incarcerated can best be explained by
elevated testosterone levels from the extra Y chromosome leading to more violence and agression

Individuals who have the condition “androgen-insensitive syndrome” are
a genetic defect that causes an XY fetus to be unresponsive to the androgens its testes secrete

Individuals with Turner’s syndrome
a chromosomal condition in which an individual has only one sex chromosome (an X), rather than two (XX, or XY)

Case study by Money in regards to identical twin boys where one twin’s penis was accidentally cut off during surgery and sex reassignment was conducted, what did the case reveal?
The reassigned twin has been successfully socialized as a girl.

All embryos are sexually bipotential (anatomically identical) until
8th week

Androgen comes from the greek word for “man” while estrogen comes from the greek work for

andrenogenital syndrome (AGS) occurs in approximately 1 in ___ births
1 in 5000 to 1 in 15000 births

studies of genital ambiguity
showed that surgery was needed to correct it by motivation from cultural norms rather than health concerns

a difficulty in looking for sex differences in the brain is that
much of the research uses the brains of animals, not humans.

Human brains change as people age and in response to experience and environmental conditions. Scientist are not fully aware of how specific parts of the brain are structured affects how they function.

research on the social psychological causes of PMS indicates that
they have an influence of on the experience of PMS symtoms

In Nancy Chodorow’s revision of identification theory, it is hypothesized that gender ID is more difficult for boys because
they must psychologically separate from their mothers and model themselves after a parent who is largely absent from home, their fathers.

Research indicates that children show preference for gender stereotyped toys by the age of

research on early peer group socialization indicates that
children will gender segregate

broader idea of daily experiences

the success of publishers’ efforts to produce nonsexist children’s books may be limited because
nontraditional gender roles may be lost on young children

studies of parental treatment of infants show that
male infants were more fussier than female infants, leading parents to respond to their children’s temperments

cognitive development theory
we learn by understanding

social learning theory
we get more by watching our parents and less by listening. Children mimic their parents, modeling reinfoces itself

Bowers v Hardwick
in which the Court ruled that a Georgia anti-sodomy law was constitutional. but overturned in 2003

Griswold v Connecticut
the court invoked the right to privacy by invalidating laws that prohibit the use of contraceptives by married couples

domestic partnership may be defined as
unmarried couples who live together

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