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social factor BY yan28148 Social factor Nowadays, using the smartphone is a trend, especially in Hong Kong. Everyone must have a smartphone even more than one. Smartphone penetration in Hong Kong has been rising,l from 35% in 2011, to 49% in 2012, to 63% in 2013. It reveals that there is a smartphone demand for Hong Kong people. In addition, according to the Google’s research report “2013 Our Mobile Planet: Hong Kong”, 96% of Hong Kong users browse the Internet daily with their smartphones, followed by Japan(94%), Singapore(93%) and South Korea(92%). lt shows that Hong Kong tops Asia in mobile Internet usage.

Therefore, it causes Samsung to develop smartphone market. Moreover, using apps is also popular now, apps includes games, tools, books which are improve the daily life, and the smartphone’s user can use it. Such as “whatsapp”, it can communicate with friends. When people want to share the photos, video, file, they can use “whatsapp” which is convenient. Thus, if people don’t follow the trend, they may be lose out by their group, since their friends who are using smartphone. So, having a big market of smartphone in Hong Kong, it causes Samsung to make more new modal smartphone.

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Furthermore, people always watching video, reading books by smartphone, but those smartphone’s screen size is small, it makes people uncomfortable. In order to make customer comfortable, Samsung need to make a larger screen with smartphone . For example, Apple’s ‘phone, 5, the screen size of is 4, then Samsung have to make a screen size 5 with smartphone. http://wenku. baidu. com/view/d5ddccd228ea81 c758f57865. html http://doc. baidu. com/view/ce5ab066ddccda38376baf85. html http://www. kiees. cn/sf/service/dai. htm http://www. sf-express. com/tw/tc/support/E_lnvoice. html http://www. barcodesinc. com/articles/barcode-technology. htm


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