Social factors stated in social determinants of health.

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Socialdeterminant of health is a fundamental guideline towards my designated degreeand career in the future. Deciding to take this course was mandatory as it isthe primary factor that shapes the health of many individuals both in Canadaand globally. However taking this course will help me understand the challengespeople face while trying to access the health care system. Also providing mewith an area of concentration on the political, economic, cultural andenvironmental factor into how health inequalities exist and how certain decisionsare being made to improve the health care system in Canada. I am alsointerested in gaining an in-depth knowledge on how specific social determinantsaffects the lived experience of certain group of individuals. I am currentlyspecializing in health policy, which I hope will become my future career. Ibelieve this course will offer me a solid understanding on how to design apolicy model to put into effects and also by using the right set of tools toachieve this purpose, such as funding, legislation and new directives that canhelp in developing the framework of policy development to challenge socialdeterminants of health.

Our wellbeing isvery much determined by the health and social services we receive in our dailylives. Social determinates are connected to the economic and social conditionsthat influences the health of individuals and the living experiences of theseindividuals. The resources people have access to, the amount of money and powerin the society, all of which are influenced by policy choices, form theseconditions. It is known that the quality of social determinants of healthCanadians experience helps in understanding the wide-ranging healthinequalities that subsist among Canadians. According to some studies, thequality of these health shaping living conditions is pungently determined bypublic policies and decisions that governments make. Factors such as where wereside, the state of our environment, our income and education level; all havesignificant impacts on our health. Canadians are oblivious to the main factthat our health is shaped by how income and wealth is distributed among groupsof individuals.

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I believe the major issue in social determinant of health inCanada and globally would be income. It is the most important socialdeterminant of health and it is connected to all other factors stated in socialdeterminants of health.  High incomegreatly defines the overall living conditions such as safe housing and goodquality diet.  The greater the gapbetween the rich and poor, the greater the differences in health among thepopulation as a whole. Higher income and social status often result in morecontrol and discretion over our health. Low income predisposes individuals tomaterial and social deprivation. The greater the deprivation, the less likelyindividuals are able to access the basic prerequisites of health such as food.

It also creates social exclusion, which affects one’s health. Low-incomeCanadians are more likely to suffer more health related problem and possiblydie earlier than Canadians with higher incomes irrespective of race, age orsex. However studies also show that adult onset diabetes and heart attacks aremore common amongst low income Canadians. Unionized workplaces are a highly recommendedpolicy option that would most possibly reduce income and wealth inequalities inCanada and improve health. As unionization helps to establish boundaries on theamount of profit-making that comes at the expense of employee’s healthcondition and wellbeing.


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