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Social Media [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Introduction This report basically focuses on developing the new web site for the Baking and confectionery business of the client Jake. The main emphasis will be given to the presence on web and the role of social media on the marketing of the products or businesses. The role and importance of Face book, Twitter, and other blobbing sites in creating awareness of a particular business is also highlighted in this report.However, the main aim of this report is to explain the efficient and effective use of social media networks, the emergence of several different technologies and identification of some of the areas which are necessary for the new web site.

Role of Social Media in Business Today social networks are part of the corporate profile of most of the largest companies in the world, and employ effective techniques when communicating with a customer which is a key factor.Many companies have benefited greatly by recognizing social media as the most effective means of communication with customers and reliable because of the ease of communication and multiple platforms(Asker & Jacobson, 2001, p. 485-493).

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Following are some of the important roles of social media in creating awareness and marketing of business. Listen and Respond Social networking is the perfect place to learn the opinion of the customers of the company. Listen to what people say is very important because it can give ideas for new product development in addition to bringing credibility to business.When a user feels recognized then he/she is more likely to recommend the services of your company. An example of this is Dell, which tried 22. 000 topics by their customers and offered immediate solutions and tutorials via Twitter customer support on Face book. Surprise Your Customers Take the initiative to occasionally surprise their customers to realize some suggestions.

An example of this method is Moron’s, an American restaurant he responded to one of his clients after he mentioned on Twitter that I would like a steak when he landed. At the airport an employee of Moron’s was waiting for him with a plate.This tactic earned him great recognition to the restaurant and appeared in several newspapers and TV networks. Internal social networks For companies with a large number of employees, foster internal social networks can be a good idea. Employees can share knowledge in a more dynamic, and access forums where employees can find help and recognize the skills of other workers. For instance; as Jake is involved in baking cakes and confectionery items, therefore he can have discussion on the new recipes and cake decoration styles by Joining different communities on the social media websites (McDonald, 2004, p.

83-196). Involve your customers When developing new products to their customers ask them ideas or suggestions, this is one of the most effective methods currently used by large international companies. Customers who participate feel recognized and is more likely to purchase and recommend the product that helped develop. Face to face When presenting new products or news, share a video in which a company representative who will enter either your customers, this gives a personal and your company is a way to remind every person across the screen machines are not alone.What Makes A Good Website? One of the best-known figures is the Hits.

Thus, the number of retrieved files from the web server is called. This is not to be confused with page views (page views). Suppose that a server is an HTML page with five graphic elements (such as aviation buttons) retrieved, so this counts as a page view or six hits (1 HTML document + 5 = 6 graphics retrieved files = 6 hits). Because the number of different graphics on each page is the number of hits is not very meaningful (Nick, n. . ).

Another key figure, one should know, are the visits, the number of visits to the web site. From the number of visits and page view can calculate the attractiveness of online offering. The average number of page views per visit tells how many pages a visitor looks at before he clicked to the next site. Successful online services achieve 6 Page Views / Visit or more. If there are only 3 or fewer page views per visit, then it becomes an alarming situation for the owner of the website.An individual’s position in the search engines is one of the main gauge of how successful his internet activities. If anyone ever to find in the results pages of search engines only to lower ranks, than a person may have a problem.

Most Internet users come on the first three pages of search results not out. For this it means that an individual should do a search engine optimization of your website. Based on the number of links pointing to is website, one can measure how attractive his site is assessed.On the Internet, the phenomenon has been observed that many webmasters put on their own links to websites that they are good for. If, without an intervention caused many links to it, this clearly speaks for the quality of the website. Add daily add a page with high quality content.

Currently, topical articles here are the best. Try not to put too many things of a personal nature, but rather articles on topics that might interest the general public. Improve skills as a writer, and find out about the correct writing style or the rapid, erratic web surfers.Examples Twitter Twitter has become one of the bases of the presence on social sites like Face book apparently behind landing point in corporate social marketing, Twitter is characterized by almost endless possibilities, backed by an amazing search engine that lets an individual know what is happening in real time (Hometown , 2010, up. 2). There are many ways to approach Twitter and using it as a marketing tool, but increasingly this approach is more complex and nuanced. Naturally one can share information or resources from a professional standpoint or purely particular.

It is not promoting anything in particular, but to share or create network among others interested in the information one provides It depends on a person when he wants to make an approach when the right to publish on Twitter, and from a professional point of view, knowledge is promoting products or services (Tim, n. D. ). Working for a company takes a different approach to the use of Twitter, in this case, and no personal information is shared or professional, but Twits are very focused on brand strategy. These three options would be the case, say common, but there are many ore, for example, there are some of the examples like www.

Caretaker. Com, which is there to guide bakers to Join that network and keep in touch with their customers. There are some other examples that has surprised with profiles that used these concepts: The latest news (this could are encompassed in the case of robots, but has a special shade) Classic advertising: “Hurry, we only have one unit for 150 ?” Face Book Viral marketing on social network platforms is becoming increasingly important. Face book is the starting point for that – even before Google.

Users often believe that Face kook has no way to protect their privacy.But on the contrary – Face book provides comprehensive capabilities to provide personal information, photos of the family, videos of parties and much more to hide from certain people and groups. So, one can separate business and leisure flawlessly on Face book. There are a lot of personalized pages on the face book which the entrepreneurs are operating in order to run their businesses online (McDonald, 2004, p. 183-196). There are number of online baking pages through which customers can actually see the work and prices of the products ND can order online. For Instance: www.

Backbone. Com/bactericide’s and www. Casebook. Com/agreeableness.

Also for normal users profiles can be found on Face book the opportunity to share information on other websites in a very personal way. The Face book “Profile Banner” is automatically updated and is visible to everyone, even for users who are not registered with Face book. In addition to the optional display of the profile picture can also display birthday, phone numbers, web sites, and the current status messages on Face book, and more will be displayed (Nick, n. D. ). Conclusions From the above discussion, it can be concluded that, social media is more than Just hype.

However, Social media marketing is the modern way to attract new customers and maintain client relationships. With the effective use of social media websites, a businessman can manage his customers in a timely manner, cheap and unobtrusive hold on new services and products to date. But successful social media campaigns to arise without some experience and a large amount of know-how. Especially the regular care of the social media channels and monitoring of campaigns consumes a tot of time; especially the companies without a marketing department cannot always invest.

Start to web” comprehensive advice during the campaign planning and guides your company during the reaction. Business personnel who are more oriented towards running online business can get helpful tips, experience and knowledge. Reflection The above information regarding the Social Media, it has made me understand its effective role and what it offers to the businesses and the opportunities to interact in a simple manner with partners and customers in dialogue. This report has actually

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