Social online communications channels committed to group-oriented input,

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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Social mediaSocial media is the combination of online communications channels committed to group-oriented input, communication, information sharing, and relationship.Various type of applications and websites which are devoted to social networks, blogging, forums, wikis and social bookmarking form the different types of social media. The most common types of social media are Facebook, YouTube, Google+, WhatsApp, Twitter, QQ, WeChat, Qzone, OLX, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, Skype, Viber, SnapChat, Pinterest, MySpace, Meetme, Meetup, Mixi, Tout, Douban, Flickr, Buzznet, Wehearit, and Friendster These social media websites have approximately 100,000,000 registered users. Although there are different types of social media but they use many common features such as Consumers create service-oriented profiles for the website and applications that are planned, and upheld by the social media association. User-created material, such as digital images ,  posts , videos , comments and data shared through  online interfaces. All type of Social media are interactive internet applications which enable the growth of online social networks by linking a user’s profile with those of other persons or groups.Users usually contact social media facilities via web-based tools on computers, or download services from internet applications to their cell phones , through these services, users can generate highly collaborating platforms through which persons, groups and establishments can segment, co-create, debate, and revise user-created data or pre-built content displayed online.

They present considerable and prevalent changes to communiqué between trades, establishments, societies and personalities. Social media has modified the communication between the persons and large establishments . Researches study these changes and new Technologies are being introduced as a result of these changes . Social media is different  from the traditional print and electronic media in various aspects , such as grasp , customer , value, reach, occurrence, interaction, usage, nearness, and durability. Social media channels operate in a dialogic mode of transmission whereas old-style media used monologic transmission mode.  Face book is widely used in all the countries, 84 percent of young  Americans are its user . Almost 60 percent teen agers  have social media profiles ,  majority of people spend a minimum of  two hours  daily on social networking sites and the time spend on social media sites is greater than the time spent  on  other type of sites.

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The total time spent on social media sites in USA was 66 billion minutes in 2012 now it reached to 121 billion minutes .  social media have become a source of profession prospects and financial profits.     

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