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Last updated: July 15, 2019

Social sciences argue that theremay be sex differences that gay individuals experience their identity and identifythemselves as gay (Ettorre 1980; Kitzinger 1987; Rich 1980; Rust 1992, 1993;Vanable, McKirnan, and Stokes 1994).

Although different companies have begun totap into the LGBT “dream market” (Rigdon, 1991), however the topic has receivedvery little attention in academic literature. Fuss (1989), shed the light onthe topic of gay identity by asking “is identity a personal, natural, politicalor linguistic category?” Expert of this topic hold a point of views thatcorrelation between homosexual activities and gay identity is neither fixed norabsolute; however, there is always certain interdependency exist between sexualidentity and sexual behavior, where “sexual behavior” denote to the definiteaction of a person while “sexual identity” denote how a person label him orherself (Bailey, 1995). Warren (1974), delineated homosexual identity asa kind of sexual behavior, sexual identity and sexual preference. He furtherhighlighted that, a gay identity encompasses not only the dimentions of homosexualidentity but also social involvement in the homosexual community and same-sexromantic attachements (Troiden, 1988).

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 Furthermore,Warren’s definition only covers the experience of gay identity at specificpoints in its formation. However, from an interactionist perspective, the term “gay”involve more than a certain kind of sexual behavior or orientation. The interactionistsperspective not only covers the gay identity point but also the way of life aswell (Oakenfull, 2013). On the other hand, feminist theorists’ states that thelesbian identity is different from the gay men because lesbians face bothoppression simultaneously based on their sex as well as their sexualorientation (Bristor and Fischer 1995; Rich 1980; Rust 1992, 1993).

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