Socialism for the public rather than private ownership

Socialism is social and
economic doctrine that requires for the public rather than private ownership or
control of property and natural resources. According to the way the socialists
see it, it’s more like that individuals don’t live or work isolated but live in
cooperation with each other. Everything that people produce is in some sense a
social product, and everyone who contributes to the production of a good must
put some sort of share in it. Society should own or at least control property
for the benefit of all its members. There are many positive things and well as
negative things about socialism. The positive things can be that it makes
everyone equal and that the government will help the people for free but some
of the negative things can be that because everyone is equal you won’t be able
to get rich. There are some things about socialism such as you don’t own your things,
but the government owns it, the government owns most of everything such things
as the oil, diamonds, houses and the government own the profit as well. This
system is mainly very appealing to the poor as they have much help from the
government and they aren’t left out and they get a lot of resources and
benefits from the government which helps them a lot. The minimum wage stays
that’s the type of system socialism is. Not where the rich keep getting richer
and the poor getting poorer. This is a system where things are kept stable and
the same and equal for everyone and things don’t get unequal and they are all
the same doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much land you own or
whatever you have.

There were many men who came up
and combined the ideas to create something such as Socialism. One of them was Henri
de Saint Simon and another was Charles Fourier, Blanc and another was Proudhon.
Henri de Saint Simon optimistically proclaimed the
widespread possibilities on manufactured development. The doers would cordially diagram the financial system yet guide such foregoing with the
aid of assignment considerable community mill tasks and other things then
organizing investments banks. Henri de Saint Simon also stressed a very large amount
about the morals and terms that would be very important as the social institution
should have as its main goal to improve the conditions of the poor. Charles
Fourier envisaged a socialist utopia regarding mathematically unique self enough communities known as phalanxes every committed over regarding 1620 people. according to Charles Fourier underneath capitalism young single female have been shamelessly sold in
imitation of theirs after husbands because
of dowries and mean financial issues therefore that known as because of the abolition on
marriage or for the sexual freedom yet fair unions only based over stability. Pierre
Joseph was a part educated writer he claimed so property was once a income that was stolen out of the worker, who was once the source over every the wealth.
distrustful concerning entire authority yet politic structures Proudhon believe
that states must stay abolished and that class should remain prepared among loose associations over working people.
Louis Blanc believed so states need to put in above administration funded workshops or factories according to warranty fulfilled employment. As industrialization advanced into European cities, working people commenced according
to embrace the socialist

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