{SOCIETAL energy-saving behavior} Not surprisingly, understanding household energy-saving behavior

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Last updated: November 27, 2019

{SOCIETALPROBLEM} The Earth’s climate system is warmingat an alarming rate. Over the past few decades the atmosphere and oceans havewarmed, ice sheets have melted, and sea levels have risen. The detrimental roleof humans in this process is undeniable. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissionshave been the principal cause of global warming since the 1950’s (IPCC, 2014). Currently these emissions are at an all-time high andwill likely remain to be the key driver in future climate change. We havealready reached a point at which many aspects of climate change will continueover the centuries to come.

Nonetheless, we can likely still limit the effectsof global warming and prevent them from becoming irreversible. In order toachieve this, it is vital to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically in theshort term. {POTENTIAL OFHOUSEHOLD ENERGY CONSERVATION} The householdenergy sector is responsible for nearly one third of the entire energyconsumption in OECD countries (OECD, 2014). The vast majority of this energy remains to begenerated using fossil fuels, while renewable sources of energy make up only asmall share.

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Therefore, the household energy sector provides great potential tolimit greenhouse gas emissions (Boudet, Flora, & Armel,2016; Karlin et al., 2014). Large reductions in emissions can be achieved atrelatively low cost. Moreover, it buys time for more slow-acting options thatpolicies have directed their attention to to take effect.

Even when thesefuture technologies and regulations take place, household energy conservationwill be an essential part of a long-term global climate strategy (Dietz, Gardner, Gilligan,Stern, & Vandenbergh, 2009).{IMPORTANCE OFUNDERSTANDING HOUSEHOLD CONSERVATION} Severalattempts have been made to … {Failed attempts at promoting energy-saving behavior} Not surprisingly, understanding household energy-savingbehavior has become an important topic of research (e.g., Boudet et al.

, 2016;Karlin et al., 2014; Urban & Š?asný, 2016). Understanding household conservation behavior isessential for policymakers to effectively promote it (Lutzenhiser et al., 2009;Wilson & Dowlatabadi, 2007).{DIVERSITY OFHOUSEHOLD ENERGY-SAVING BEHAVIORS} However, householdenergy-saving behaviors are very diverse. Not only do they differ in what theyapply to (e.

g. heating/cooling, lighting, cooking), they can differ enormously withinthese subsets as well. {This heterogeneity of measures poses a problem –interventions aimed at changing these behaviors must vary as well (Boudet et al., 2016; Karlinet al., 2014; Urban & Š?asný, 2016)} {There is no agreement yet on how to understand/classifybehavior (Urban & Š?asný, 2016)} {Even the most used classification is plagued byinconsistency (Karlin et al., 2014)} {Boudet proposes something else (Boudet et al., 2016)}

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