Sociology Ch.1-3

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Last updated: April 24, 2019
What did C. Wright mills conclude about divorce?
divorce is not an individual problem but a social concern

why is sociology considered a science?
it uses a systematic study

what is the difference in social science and natural science
Social science – sociologyNatural science – biology/chemistry

pure sociologyapplied sociologyclinical sociology
pure sociology – the basic study of sociologyapplied sociology – using science to prove hypothesis clinical sociology – applies sociology to pratical problems

what did durkehim relate suicide rates to?

what socail scientist applied evolution to societies in order to explain change?
`herbert spencer

not feeling normal

ideal type
a construct or model for evaluating specific cases

terms about social class introduced by karl marx and engels
exploited – proletariatexploiters – bourgeoisie

who was jane addams
an early female sociologist, cofounded the famous Chicago settlement house called Hull House and also tried to establish a juvenile court system.

what early sociology advocated research about blacks?

B. Dubois

Know the sociological perspectives
Conflict – likes conflictSymbolic interactionist – meaning/ perceptionfunctional – traditional

steps of the scientific method
defining the problemreviewing the literature formulating the hypothesis collecting and analyzing the datadeveloping the conclusion.

operational definition
is an explanation of an abstract concept that is specific enough to allow a researcher to assess the concept.

why do sociologists conduct “review of the literature”
researchers refine the problem under study, clarify possible techniques to be used in collecting data, and eliminate or reduce avoidable mistakes.

know the difference in independent and dependent variables
independent – prediction dependant – outcome

howthorn effect
is the term when participants deviate from their normal routine when they know that they are being studied

who introduced the concept of “value neutrality” to social science
max weber

what did George Murdock determine to be a cultural universal
food, shelter and clothing

the idea that your culture is superior

cultural relativism
is when a sociologist makes a serious effort to give and unbiased opinion about other cultures

how biology effects human behavior

way a part of a culture spreads to other cultures

things that are normal for a society

norms that govern the difference between right and rude

norms that govern the difference between right and wrong

understand the important concept introduced by George Ritzer

material and non material culture
material culture – The physical or technological aspects of our daily lives. non material culture – Ways of using material objects, as well as cus-toms, beliefs, philosophies, governments, and patterns of communication.

addresses the role of language in shaping cultures

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