Software and company.It tells about where development is

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Last updated: August 23, 2019

Software Project Management has very important role in Functional and Developmental area of any Software Company. As Technology is advancing what I found is importance of managing that technology is very essential for advancement and maintaining new upgrades.

 Every Software needs to be managed efficiently for betterment of business,as technology keeps changing and keeps revolving so experience of one field or one product may not be applied to other .There are several Tools in market which helps Project Manager or developers to keep track of their project’s Status. Tools are also useful before actual development of project starts.We need to have a blueprint or framework or proper structure of product to be developed.

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There are tools that are automated for maintenance and development of Product or a software.This is where CASE Tools come in picture and nowadays they are widely in use by big Software Companies or Organizatons.They have become Essential part of product Development.Used largely on daily basis by Software Project Managers,Analysts,Developers,Engineers etc.CASE tools accelerates the development of project to produce desired result and uncover flaws.

CASE is short for Computer Aided Software Engineering.It is a software application that automates all activities of SDLC. Components of CASE Tools are as follows:Central Repository: This serves as common storage repository where all documents, reports ,diagrams , other useful information is stored.

It serves as data dictionary and serves as common,integrated ,consistent source of information.Upper CASE Tools: These are used for planning, designing, analysis  stage of SDLC.Lower CASE Tools:These are used for Implementing, Testing, Maintenance stage of SDLC.

Integrated CASE Tools:Integrated Tools are helpful in all stages of SDLC from requirements gathering to Documentation.Further lets discuss some types of CASE Tools.Diagram ToolsThese Tools are helpful in making or representing system components, data and control flow among various software components and structure of system in graphical form.For example, Flow chart maker Tool.Process Modeling ToolsProcess Modeling is used for creating software process model, which is further used in developing software.Process Modeling tools helps Managers or Organisation to take or decide an appropriate process model or modify existing process for required Output.

For example, EPF ComposerProject Management ToolsThese Tools are useful in planning project, cost and effort estimation, Project scheduling and resource planning.Managers have to strictly follow these or have to go through each and every mentioned step in software project management.These Tool is also helpful in storing and sharing project information in real-time throughout the organization.For example, Creative Pro Office.Documentation ToolsIn every Organization documentation or report of software is very important for client and company.It tells about where development is heading towards.

Documentation is also done prior to development of product ,goes throughout the all phases of SDLC.Documentation generates documents for Technical people as well as end-users.It can be system manual, reference manual, trainning manual, installation manual etc. End-users’ documents tells us the functioning  and how-to of the system.

For example, Doxygen,DrExplain.Analysis ToolsThese Tools helps gather requirements, automatically check for inconsistency, inaccuracy in diagrams etc.For example, Visible analyst,Accept 360.Design ToolsThese Tools are used by software designers for designing the block structure of software ,which may be further broken down into modules using requirement and refinement techniques.These tools helps in detailing of each module and interconnections among modules.

For example, Animated software designProgramming ToolsThese are very important tools for developing a product or software. These are IDE(Integrated Development Environment), in-built modules library and simulation tools.They provide extra features and functionalities for easy development of software.For Example, Eclipse ,Visual Studio ,AtomQuality Assurance ToolsQuality Assuarance Tools consits of configuration and change control tools and sotfware testing tools.In an organization quality assurance is monitoring and engineering process and methods adopted to develop software products in order to ensure conformance of quality as per organization standards.For Example, SoapTest, AppsWatch, JMeter.AdvantagesCASE Tools improve qulaity and productivity of software.Produces system that meets user needs and requirements.Produces more flexible system.Reduces Time for error correction and maintenance.Improves quality and uniformity and ensure the completeness of documentation.DisadvantagesVery Complex.Require training and maintenance staff.Good quality CASE Tools are expensive.May be difficult to use with existing system.GET CASED..!!!

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