Software to another of the mail account’s folders

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Last updated: February 16, 2019

Software LogisticsToolset provides aproduct-independent distribution channel which delivers up-to-date softwarelogistics tools and a unified consumption experience. The data is created from the corresponding SL Tool. Basicconcept is to Continuously provide compatible and easy to consume softwarelogistics tool improvements and to Deliver up-to-date tools along fixedintervals, independent from SAP application products.The XML that is created by the corresponding SL Toolin accordance with the overall SL Analytics XML structure. The tool generatedXMLs and form data are wrapped within an email and reach the SL Analyticsinbox. The Mail Scanner extracts the XML and form data content from the rawemail and stores that data into separate files on an FTP share. It also movesthe processed mails from the inbox to another of the mail account’s folders tomark them as processed.

The Importer accesses the FTP share and imports an XMLand its belonging form data to the HANA database one at a time (this process ishighly parallelized).The SLTools Availability for CLM Analytics·       SWPM (Software provisioning Manager) : Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) is a new toolwhich provides you installation support. Software ProvisioningManager supports the following provisioning scenarios for SAP systems based onSAP NetWeaver and S/4HANA: Installation of new systems,instances, and standalone engines, Systemcopy of existing Systems, Transformation of systems such asvia System Rename and Dual-Stack Split, Deletionof systems, instances, and standalone engines·      HDBLCM(Hana Database Lifecycle Manager): The SAP HANA databaselifecycle manager (HDBLCM) is used to install, update, or configurean SAP HANA system·       ABAPTC·       SUM (ABAP & JAVA): Software Update Manager (SUM) is the standard SAPtool for managing updates and upgrades (software maintenance) of SAPNetWeaver-based products. It is product and release independent and isdelivered to SAP on premise customers as part of SL Toolset, which is thestandard delivery channel for SAP software logistics tools. SUM tool performsmaintenance on SAP system.·      SPAM/SAINT(Support Package Manager / Add on Installation Tool)4.b.

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Database Views Database view is a way of portraying information inthe database. A view is sometimes called a named query or a stored query. Theviews are created inside the HANA studio.


HANA Studio HANA studio is an eclipse based tool, which is an Integrated developmentenvironment for development and administration of SAP HANA database in the formof GUI. It enables user to manage the SAP HANA Database. The SAP HANA studio runs on the Eclipse platform 3.

6. Single ormultiple systems can be added to the HANA Studio. SAP HANA Modeler is used tocreate views on top of tables in HANA Database.

Views are created on top oftables available in Catalog tab under Schema in HANA studio. Views are savedinside the content. Views are classified into 3 types -Analyticviews: Thesetypes of views are used to model an entity that is based on relationships betweenattribute data contained in multiple source tables.-Attributeviews: Attribute views is used to model data that includes measures.-CalculationViews: During my internship, I have only used calculation views. It can performcomplex calculations which is not possible by other views.

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