Soil population of karwar will bring forth the health

Soil transmitted helminth infection is one among the most commonly encountered infection around the globe,mostly posing a threat to the poorest and most deprived communities.According to WHO conducted survey, a high approximate of 1.5 billion people (i.e 24% of world’s population) are infected by soil transmitted helminthiasis worldwide.

An alarming number of 267 million pre-school age children and over 568 million school age children inhabit in areas where the parasites are intensively transmitted and are in requisite of medical treatment and preventive measures.Helminthiasis is a condition where the vermiform parasites are inhabiting in intestines of human beings. Helminthiasis continues to remain one of the major parasitic infection and a leading cause of morbidity among the low socio economic and resource constrained parts of India. The prevalence of STH ranges from 12.5%-66% with varying prevalence for individual parasites in different parts of india.The reasons may be poor hygienic standards like open air defecation, breeding in stagnant water, spread through soil into vegetables which are taken without washing properl,barefoot walking in fields.

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The most common amongst them being soil transmission. Children and adoloscents remain at high risk and are in urgent need for preventive measure.Helminthiasis is a serious menace in school going children as it affects their academic performance as it is known to cause growth retardation,epigastric pain, malabsorption states, appendicites, bowel obstruction, anemia, eosinophilia, bronchospasm, epilepsy etc. among the affected. Hence, STH in school going children, particularly in their development stage makes the silent morbidity completely unacceptable.Karwar, popularly known as kashmir of karnataka, is the district headquarters of Uttara Kannada district.

It has a total area of 27.9 km sq., elevation of 6m, with a population of 1,55,213 density of 5,563.18/ km sq.The survey for the prevalence of helminthiasis in the population of karwar will bring forth the health standard of the region and will help provide appropriate control measures for the same. The study will showcase the prevalence of helminthiasis( i.

e Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuries trichura, Enterobius vermicularis and Taenia saginata) in the intestines of the students and accordingly treatment could be planned.As a similar study has not been conducted in the area before this, a similar study will throw light on the hygienic standards and probable source of infection and appropriate preventive steps can be taken, thus improving the health standards and overall development of school going children. 

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