Solar of solar energy began in 1953 in

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 Solarpower refers to the power supplied by the sun to the earth. All organiclifeforms on Earth use this energy. Without it, life could not sustain on thisplanet. Basically, solar power comes to this planet mostly in the form of Lightand Heat energy. This power can be harnessed and stored as energy for futureuse.

The energy obtained is actually converted to electrical form by use ofphoto-electric effect. Thesun is made up of a burning ball of gaseous mixture of Helium and Hydrogen.Sub-Atomic fusion takes place and a massive amount of energy is created everyinstant. But only a small portion of it reaches us. That is, only convert 15%of the power can be converted to usable energy. Theproduction of solar energy began in 1953 in the USA where solar plates wereused to generate electric energy to supply nearby households.

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This became acommercial success for its cheap production cost. Theimpending need of energy in this world is ever-expanding. Mankind has madeground-breaking achievements and hopes for a future where technologyflourishes. To this need, power and energy are required. The need of energyused in our daily lives doubles after every 5 years. The co-existing method ofenergy production may run out in the near future.

Because coal, Gas, Oil andother fossil fuel are extracted more quickly than ever before. At this rate,all stored energy on our planet will be exhausted by the next 60-70 years. Butrenewable energy like Water, Air and Solar can come to the rescue. Solar energycan be used as an alternate and non-exhausting source of energy. Productionof energy is used as a parameter to determine the development of a country.Since Bangladesh is lagging behind in huge proportions, energy has to beimported from nearby countries.

Solar power can thus help provide a usefulchange. For instance, blackouts in the city can be prevented if people generateenergy from solar power. For this, solar plates can be set up at the roofs ofapartments. Besides, in remote areas, generation of energy from solar power canalso be a business opening. Because many villages don’t have access toelectricity and a lot of them get for only a few hours per day.

Irrigation bywater pumps is also hampered. In such cases, solar power will help establishusable energy. In conclusion, solar power can come to a long extent in helpingcountry’s economy besides meeting the basic need for electricity throughout thewhole country. Hence, necessary steps must be taken to enrich this country withthe blessings of solar power and ensure the fine progression of the country.

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