Solar our daily activities electricity is a must.We

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Last updated: September 17, 2019

Solar power is the conversion of solar energy or sunlight,aperdurable source of energy,into electricity and in certain cases mechanicaland thermal power.

Without producing power from energy our life will becripples. Mainly power is produced from burning of fossil fuel.Power producedfrom burning of fossil fuel creates harmful pollution.Producing  power from fossil fuel also costly.Solarenergy can be a convenient alternative of fossil fuel .

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Sunlight is the reliable  source of energy .Sun is the mother of alltypes of energy.All types of energy directly or obliquely comes fromsun.Everyday sun gives an enormous amount of sunshine .If the sunlight can be convertedinto applicable energy then we can use it in our diurnal life work.

Scientisthave developed the way to convert the sunlight into electricity .This energyconversion process is more convenient and reliable than the the other processsuch as energy conversion from fossil fuel.  Power is compulsory for industrialdevelopment.In the industrial sector we have to use a great amount of fossilfuel such as coal, petrolium etc. At the time of producing power which createsserious and dangerous environmental pollution.

When the fossil fuels are burnt agreat amount of carbon-dioxide get mixed with air as a result the range ofcarbon-dioxide in air growing higher. The higher amount of carbon-dioxide ismainly responsible for green house effect. So it is obligatory to find out analternative energy source.

Sun light is the best substitute to fossil fuel thishas been proved.The use of solar power in the industrial sector continuouslyflourishing due to cost efficient and having no pollution .There is no pollution in conversion of sunlightinto power.We just transform the heat of sunlight into electricity or thermalor mechanical energy .

If we can developed the technology of solar power in a veryhigh quality then power production from sun light will become high and the excessivepressure on fossil fuel will be reduced. Research show that if people canconvert just 1% sunlight falling on the earth then do not need any extra energysource.The demand of electricity is perpetually growing up.

For ourdaily activities electricity is a must.We can not think a day withoutelectricity .This electricity can easily be produced from sunlight. The heat ofsunlight is taken to convert into electricity.Photovoltaics cells are used toconvert sunshine into electicity.This way of conversion actually known as solarpower.

Nowadays solar power is used in most of the industry of the developmentcountry especially for the demand of electicity. This is really a great idea togenerate needed power without pollution.In the technological era its become soeasy to convert sunlight into solar power at factually lower cost.Now we can runspace craft using solar power which advantage creat a great opportunity for thescientist to know about the aerospace more clearly .Due to the advancement of technological development solarpower would be the largest and advantageous source of electricity forthwith andworld becomes enriched in power.So now we should be concern about developingthe technology of producing solar power to produce more electricity than before.

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