Solar rural peoples to develop their life with

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Last updated: February 22, 2019

Solar power is a power that is created using the sun’s ray which is also known as ‘Photovoltaic’ power because it turns the sun’s photons into electric voltage.

Solar power is usually captured using solar panels,which can be added to houses and other buildings.Once converted into electricity,solar power can be used for anything including powering homes and many other sectors.Solar power is eternal,and for this reason it can solve our power crisis which can develop the economical condition of our country.As Bangladesh is an agricultural based country,solar power can help our farmers in many sectors.

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Solar power can supply in remote areas of Bangladesh as it can be placed in any sunny area.It can help rural peoples to develop their life with energy.Solar energy is a renewable form of energy because the energy of sun is not being harmed when humans harness its energy.Solar power does not release harmful greenhouse gases,so it is very useful.

If we use solar power in our day to day life it can save our environment from pollution.Modern power growing technologies are not environment friendly but solar power can reduce environment pollution.Solar power is produced by solar panels that transmits the energy of sun into power. It is very reliable as solar panels can store power for later use during days when the sun is obscured by clouds.Solar panels are very cheap and once solar panels are being installed,it becomes very cost effective for the user to run.That’s why it can be used in remote areas of our country easily.Solar power can solve our power problem as it is very cheap and environment friendly.In our country,the use of solar power should be increased,because most of the people of Bangladesh are in remote areas where power is not available.If we use the solar power properly for the welfare of the peoples of our country,it will be one of the perfect solutions to reduce the problems of lacking of power.We should increase the use of solar power as it can give us a better,comfortable and happier life

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