Solar sunlight so that it is more concentrated

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Last updated: March 20, 2019

Solar oven provides an easy way to save electricity, used around the world to cook food and pasteurize water for safe drinking. There are 2 types of solar power ; Solar thermal energy which is when energy is created by converting solar energy into heat and Photovoltaic solar power is when energy is created by converting solar power into electricity using solar panels .  Instead of converting solar energy to electricity, solar oven helps trap light particles, named photons, to generate heat.

 This means that solar cooking can be done anywhere that has the sun shining on it . They use a free, renewable energy source and do not pollute the environment. With the assistance of metal reflectors ( foil or reflective materials)  which are placed around the oven to maximize light input, photons will reflect the light from the sun to the flap of the oven and then to the interior of the box. Metal reflectors is used to reflect the sunlight so that it is more  concentrated and therefore making the energy  stronger. The interior of the oven is also often coloured black as it absorb and retain heat, which is important for keeping the oven hot.

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 Isolating the air inside the oven from the air outside the oven plays a major role . A plastic cover creates a ‘Greenhouse Effect’ within the oven to make sure that the heat is allowed in, but can’t escape out therefore the air inside the oven continues to heat up enabling the solar oven to cook. Radiation is also important as the sun emits energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. When in contact, the molecules will move faster and therefore heats up. The object will then transfer its heat previously received by the sun to its surroundings in the form of infrared heat radiation.

Additionally, both solar oven and the atmosphere heat circulates due to convection. Convection happens when warm air which is less dense rises causing the denser air to sink and take its place, this will take place continuously.

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