Solution to Unemployed Fresh Graduates

The solution for unemployed graduates •Soft skills Soft skill development should be inculcated into the education syllabus. It is important to teach soft skills required to survive and succeed in the work market. Such in UiTM they do the Program Kemahiran Insaniah to develop the soft skills among the students. This kind of program teaches the students how to communicate well with peoples, work in group, and build self-confident.

All these elements is important to get job as the employers look for. •ExperienceAs a fresh graduate, who just turn from student life into real life, they should collect all the experiences and not to be choosy to get job. What are the most graduates thought that by having degree in their hands is enough to qualify them for a job.

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Generally, there is a trend that most organizations prefer to recruit those with experience. The work environment now requires graduates to have some work experience in addition to the requirement of graduation to ensure that employers sustain their economic competitiveness.In the current labor market, graduates not only need to compete among themselves, but also with other less educated candidates with years of work experiences. •Networking Suppose that since in the student life students should start to wider their networking as this will give advantage to them to get job in future.

Many people get jobs through referrals. Statistics show the majority of people get their jobs this way.The reason why word of mouth is so effective is because it cuts through all the worry of whether or not this person can do the job. If somebody has been working for a company for some time, then that employee knows what it takes to succeed, and if that employee knows somebody who can do it, it’s an easy fit. The employer will trust the employee referring the new candidate and the new candidate will most likely get the job. There’s just one catch thought. You have to be “worthy” of being referred.Remember that the reputation of the person referring you is one the line.

If you do a bad job, you make them look worse. So have a fine reputation of being a hard worker, someone who learns easily. etc. so people will be happy to refer you. Spend a lot of time networking at college. Make a ton of friends, get in touch with recruiters, career counselors, etc.

do not underestimate the power of networking and word mouth. •Preparation for interview Your resume and cover letter act as your first impression.You cannot charm then with your presence or smile.

Your writing does it all for you. So spend some time to make it look and sound good. When describing yourself or your work history, use action words. It makes a big difference. Go to google and type in “resume action words” and you should get a ton of sites which you can use as a reference when crafting resume.

Get a proofreader to look over your resume and cover letter. Make your cover letter and resume stand out. Be detail and descriptive.

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