Somalia Mogadishu between UN funded transitional federal government

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Last updated: May 21, 2019

Somalia has been without an effect central government sincethe fall of the sieta ra regime in 1991. Rival factions constantly fighting forpower. Constant struggle in the capital, Mogadishu between UN funded transitionalfederal government and their islamists oponnents, al shibab, linked closely toal quada.1 Somali piracy, whose spectacular success has been splashedacross the world’s headlines, has occurred off both Somalia’s Indian Oceancoast and in the Gulf of Aden, the large expanse of water between Somalia’snorth coast and Yemen. Ship hijacking began in the Gulf before President Barrewas overthrown in 1991 and maritime predation gradually increasing.

 Somalia always possessed favorable geography: significanttrade routes have passed close go both its coasts for much of the recorded history.It also had a strong maritime tradition nurtured by its proximity to fishinggrounds. Piracy arose after 1991 with the spread of conflict anddisorder, and the rise to power of elites. (write more about this) Since the early 1990s the waters off the east African stateof Somalia have been among the most pirate-infested areas in the world.International Maritime Bureau (IMB), a commercially funded organization thatmaintains reliable piracy statistics has released records in 2006 that show thenumber of attacks off Somali, which exceed any other state since their records startedin 1991.  Although the attacks related to Somali pirates have reducedaccording to the IMB Live Piracy Report, vessels are still advised andencouraged to remain vigilant as the threat still exists in the waters offsouthern Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and the northern Somali coast.2All vessels are provided with instructions and general advice on how to spotand act during an encounter.1doccumentary2

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