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Some people might think Athena wasn’t that important in Greek mythology. Others might think she was important like Zeus, Poseidon, or even Hades. People say Athena played a big role in the Trojan War. Athena was respected throughout Greek mythology because she was the daughter of Zeus, but not just because of that.

People respected her because she accomplished so many thing and did so much for her people. When Athena was born she was born full-grown and dressed in armor from the head of Zeus. Everybody called he Athena, but another named for he was Minerva. Which meant wisdom but without the warlike. Her home is Mount Olympus, were her parents Metis and Zeus gave birth to her. ” Athena is wise, chaste, independent, rational, and helpful to hero’s.” (Hathaway).

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Her domain was wisdom, weaving, war, and civilization. In most of her statue’s she is wearing a full armor, a shield with medusa’s snaky head on it, a owl that stands for wisdom and a spear. In most of her art works she also has a olive tree.               Athena had a few had a few strengths and a few weaknesses. One of her heroic deeds were to help people. Athena strengths consist of: Rational, intelligent, a powerful defender in war but also a peacemaker.

Her weaknesses were: reason rules her, she is not usually emotional or compassionate. ” But her favorites were heroes such as Odysseus and Perseus.”(Rugula). Athena loved to help people. That was the main thing she really focused on. Even though Athena had a few weaknesses that brought her down she neverstopped doing what she did best.              Some of the best well-known myths that was found was in Homer’s Iliad- The Trojan War. Two other tales were; Jason’s defeat of the Gorgon Medusa and The contest that made Athena the patron of Athens.

She would turn Arachne into a spider after winning a weaving contest. Athena used skills such as strategy, planning, combat skills, prudence, and valor. Athena fought side by side with the Greeks against the Trojans. Supporting the brave and noble Achilles against less civilized soldiers of troy. She also protected Penelope’s in Homer’s Odyssey.

In the story Medusa, Athena turned her into a hideous monster with snakes for hair. Anyone who looked at her would turn into stone. Lisa also added that “Athena’s gift of an olive tree- the symbol of peace and plenty- wasdeemed the most acceptable, and thus Athena became the patron of Athens.

” (Rudy).             “Athena is a well-known figure and her statue and likeness have appeared in art throughout the centuries.” (Rudy). Athena was worshipped in the Greek empire; by having her image appearing on pottery, coins, and works of art.

She appears as a strong, tall and attractive. Athena’s top 3 most important temples were on the Acropolis in Athens. The 3 temples were: The Parthenon, The temple of Athena Nike, AND The Erechtheum. The festivals that were dedicated to Athena included the Arrephoria, Scirophoria, and Panathenaea. During the Arrephoria young girls brought special gifts in baskets; during the Panathenaea, a variety of athletic contests were held, with music and dancing.

As she was a Greek goddess of war she could not die.             Athena was important in Greek mythology just like her father. In France, her statue was erected as a symbol of the French Revolution. In the United States, Athena appears on coins and on the United States Medal of Honor.

She is the patron of many universities, Major Parthenon of the south, an art museum that’s located in Nashville, Tennessee. Athena’s name is often borrowed by corporations and also used in product names. Businesses that carry the goddess’s names were: Athena’s Health, Athena Software, and Athena Power.

The Athena computer was created by Univac and was built to guide the first ICBMs. Project Athena at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an example of computing. Even now in modern culture we still respect Athena and what she did to save her people.                

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