Some job, I truly believed that there is

Some believe that students who are attending school shouldn’t  have a  job because they will not do so  good in school and will be distracted from studies, but  In my opinion I think students should have the inspiration to work on any job they’d like. Students gain so much experience for their future life, and will  teach them how to become more independent and a mature person. Working can also give many benefits to students. According to an online article magazine “New York Times”  60% of students have  jobs, and work around 25 hours and 46% are full time employed. Many school students love having a job, and their parents approve it as they say they gain experience from working and it doesn’t matter the job.

However having a job can also be a responsibility. First of all they can get a lot of experiences that can be learned in school because this is the only place for them to learn responsibility. Students should be motivated to have a job  because they can learn new skills and learn how to manage their own life when they wont have their parents and will be living on their own. The students can also experience what it is to work, so they can work part time and will be able to determine their career field for their own study at college. They will also be able to  find new and better work opportunities because they have been through alot of work experiences and will find out what jobs are appropriate for themselves and will workout good.

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This will help students make the perfect decision to choose a job that they will enjoy to do and have the skills required. From my experience, being employed with a part time job, I truly believed that there is nothing wrong in having a part time job while attending school. I think it’s a great, Idea for students to have a part time jobs before they graduate from High School if they have the time to do it.

Students who are working will gain skills that will help in life by having a job. All students that work right now gain work abilities. Also they will know how to balance their life, like school and work. This is good when student get involved in afterschool activities or have stuff to do, they will know how to manage their time and energy when busy doing their own stuff. The ability to have the skill to manage time is a skill that is really important for students  in today’s world because everything is so fast. For example, on a students typical daily routine there is a lot to do.

Students who are employed  must learn how to work and still manage to have time for their schoolwork. Students Will also gain a lot of confidence, like when they have to tell the boss they absolutely can’t work because schoolwork, projects and its school is what comes first. For Instance I used to work 30 hours a week doing part time, and had soccer practice but I still kept school first priority. At first it’s a little struggling but you get just to it and work a good schedule, and are responsible with time.

I learned a lot ever since I started to work, and I plan out my plans to make sure I have the proper time for everything. Same thing happens for all students who are working part time.

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