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Last updated: February 25, 2019

Some of us would  ask ourselves why do I have to be sociable towards others? Why do we need to mingle with someone that seems just nothing? Why do we need friends to be with us? They are just people whose waiting to mingle with others just like  me. They are not important to me if it so?     Sometimes those questions run through our minds of how really important to me to be sociable towards other human being.

Why do I need to be with them? Questions that only I could answer. According to the recent research one out of ten filipinos in our country choose to be alone for the fact that they are afraid of being betrayed of someone they had trusted  more. Their numbers are increasing  because for the fact that our technology  are also improving. It is easy for our generation to gain friends by the use of social media .

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Add people here, add people there,confirm here,confirm there. We are all just easily accepting people to enter through our lives without knowing the people behind those accounts you thought to be true friends. True friends are those who will catch a bullet for you. Even face death just for you to be safe. They are those people whom will stay for you in times you need a buddy to be with.

Choosing true friends is a very hard task. It will take lots of time effort and challenges to overcome. To be able to have a true friend with you. Social medias and sites is  a great improver towards our social life . But it hurts  a lot when these technology is destroying us on our way. Just these recent news that a woman has been raped of the person she thought to be her friend well in fact she just recently met the guy. People in these world is easily get obsessed by these technology.

We often forget of how really important having a true peers and honest whom you can really be trusted. Not only by your secrets but also your life having true friends is a very important role to part of your life. They will help you to be an improved person in your society.

Friend and peers are those people who are really a person are ready to help you. Not only in times of happiness but also in times of sorrow. True friends are always there to help the person whom they called a friend.         Accourding to study happy people live more age than those people who choose to be sad. did you know to be able to be happy you need a friend or a family to make you smile. Yes its a fact that everyone knew alot. Happiness is a choice that everyone.

You have a free will to be happy or to be sad. I just want to explain on how important being happy it to us. 

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