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Some of us have been using windows since the windows experience (Windows XP) but have always been at the mercy of the graphic users interface.

Yes, GUI is good but it is highly limited, in terms of performing core tasks. Command prompt usually addressed as CMD is the command-inline interpreter on windows. From the statement above, it means it is a tool for talking directly to the operating system. There are countless functions you can perform with CMD but I won’t bore you with countless command line commands.

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Have you locked yourself out of your computer before or do you feel like locking your friend out of his or her own pc without knowing their passwords as a way to get back at them? Do you feel malicious activities are taking place in your pc? Have you tried deleting a file or folder before and you’re stuck at “this filename is too long” or “you need permission to delete this file”? Do feel your internet connection is not performing optimally? Do you doubt the integrity of a file sent to you? If have all these questions for your operating system then CMD got an answer for you!Before I proceed to the commands that will help you manage your computer better, I will need us to add it to your “ease of access” on your lock screen. To do this:open file explore and on the address bar type c:WindowsSystem32 or navigate to system32 folder which is located Windows folderlocate a program named “utilman.exe”take ownership of the program by pressing windows key + X and selecting command prompt(admin). From the cmd window, type “takeown/f utilman.exe”.

This will give us access to rename the fileright click on the utilman.exe and open “security” tab. Select “All application packages” then click “edit”.

select “full control” and click ok and close down the window. We can now rename the program.Rename the programs name to “utilman1.exe” then locate “cmd.

exe” in the same system32 folder, copy and paste it in the same place to get another program named “cmd-copy.exe” then rename the cmd-copy” to “utilman.exeCongratulations, you just changed your ease of access to cmd hence you now have cmd (admin) on your lockscreen which will help you anytime you run into issues. If you wish to revert back, simply delete “utileman1.exe” and rename “utilman1.exe” to utilman.exe.

Now we can start…..password recovery:if you have locked yourself out of your pc and you forgot to add cmd to quick access or ease of access, another way to locate cmd is to hold down shift key from the lockscreen and select restart. Once the system restarts, choose command prompt from the options given to you and follow the next step. Type “net user username newpassword” as shown below.

My username is “Henro” and my new password is “9119”.Congratulations, you can now walk into your windows as if nothing happened.Network trouble shootingThink your network is not performing optimally? Think you are on the wrong network? Then try this. there are three possible causes.

Your DNS is not functioning properly.You are on the wrong subnetYou can’t get out of your local host.Domain Name Service (DNS) is the service that converts your uniform resource locator (URL) into the corresponding IP address and then lets Layer 3 protocols do their job (just see layer 3 as a stack in your network system that moves and locate nodes in the internet). If you have manually configured your connection parameters, then run the “nslookup” command to test the address you provided.i was able to translage google.

com to an ip address because my DNS is working correctlyIf this was successful, then try to use the packet internet groper or the “ping” command. Ping works like a sonar and is part of internet control message protocol (ICMP) which is used to ascertain the reach-ability of a remote host.To use ping simply open the command prompt and type “ping” followed by any address be it resolved address or web address and watch the reply.

If you are still permuting through your connection problems, then type “-t” at the end of the address, this pings continuously until you type ctrl+C.the ping below will continue forever returning the time to leave (TTL) value and the round trip time on each line. If your display is as the one above, your network is working properly. Congratulations once again.SORTING DRIVER RELATED ISSUESyour PC puts up funny behavior if it faces driver issues or you installed incompatible driver with. I remember rejoicing that i have sorted out a computer display issues after installing an Intel HD graphics driver for a client.

everything was perfect till i rebooted the PC. Do you know i had to reinstall windows to bring that PC back to norm (if only i tried the command prompt before rebooting).The driverquery command helps you display the drivers in use and their status. You can append “-si” just like I did below to also checkout the signature of the driver.

you see those drivers with N/A at their ends, they could harm my pc. It has some security implications but i left them for personal reasons.STRUGGLING WITH MALWARE?We are mostly quick to think we are under virus attack when our pc starts behaving in a very funny way. Well most of the time, its malicious ware that is causing the troubles and they sometimes attack the system’s file system. To manually check your system for abnormalities and fix it if any, try the “sfc/scannow” command.

It will do the magic! To do this you need to give command prompt an administrative privilege by running it in admin mode. I have stated how to do this previously.

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